Mining inside Mission-Sites?

With the changes that are taking place.
Will mining inside Mission-Sites become something viable ?

I remember that many missions have mineable asteroids.
Mainly Veldspar.
Is there enough Veldspar within a Mission-Site to be worthwhile ?
Or the quantity is so small that it isn’t worth it ?

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A lot of the old missions have entries on the old Eve-Survival (which has migrated to other platforms like EVE University) that give a rough idea of the ores contained in the mission.

As far as I’m aware, people don’t typically mine in missions because it’s not ‘efficient’. Doing any EVE activity well generally involves specializing and optimizing your pilot, ship fit and technique for that activity. So switching between ‘mission blitz/clear/combat build’ to ‘mining/hauling build’ and mixing the two activities won’t be as efficient as focusing on one or the other. Plus, mission sites de-spawn when you complete them so you would be limited to certain missions where foes can be cleared without completing, or to using one alt to do the mission and another to warp in and do the mining.

It’s the sort of thing that individuals might do from time to time, but I doubt it will become an effective mining alternative.

A useful reference:

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Thanks “Kezrai_Charzai”.

I came across an interesting spreadsheet in EVE-Survival.

It’s been a long time but I have seen people mine in mission rooms. It takes a little mechanics fu but they generally send in a miner alt after the room is cleared. I don’t know, for having never inquired, if this is profitable.

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I did this years ago. You can mine in busy hubs like Dodixie or Hek in relative peace. The mission “Break Their Will” has alot of Veldspar. Kill the rats but keep the repair station alive. You can keep the mission open for a long time and the asteroids will respaw after downtime.


Yes mission mining is still a thing, basic ore but worth it if you want your own private belt and no interuptions/competition.

How the temp nerf will affect it, no idea.

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I am pretty sure the ore nerfs will not affect missions at all.

Which is something that OP expects as well and thus asking and suggesting that mission mining could become worthwhile. At least that is how I read his post.

When I was mining I used to mine in missions since some of them had Pyroxeres (and not that bad ammounts for a solo guy in retriever either), ore that was unavailable in my region and it was giving minerals I needed.

I don’t mine for years and I forgot which missions have how much ore, but this could really become a workaround for the nerfs. In fact is is not just missions, I was doing relic/data explo in null few months ago and some of the site there seemed to contain ton of ore. Don’t know the quantities inside asteroids but it looked pretty rich…


Ok didn’t know data/relic had ore. I’ve taken alphas into combat sites before so I’ll check that out, ta.

it takes too long to complete the mission for your miner to get in, relative to the volume of mineral qyou will get.
It’s faster to go in an emerging conduit and mine there, after killing the cruiser.

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Not for long if you don’t have a mining permit.


oh please we all know gankers are way to lazy to put in that kind of work


I have seen KMs of ganker fits having combat probes.

This is mostly true alltho lazy is not the word I would use. Code teams/agents that work the ice belts are usually resident in the area and use a cloaked scout alt to BM targets either ice mining or opportunity targets, so probes aren’t generally needed.

Certain gankers operate out of Thera and use the connections around New Eden to raid moon mining systems looking for Hulks & Macks, they will hit a system and probe down Exhumers. They’ll usually raid the local systems until the Thera connection disappears then move on.

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I happen to know of one such group operating out of Thera and I can guarantee you they’re not hunting for Hulks & Macks, when it comes to mining vessels Rorqs are the prized target… sure, the occasional Hulk/mack/skiff/etc may end up as collateral damage, but they are not the primary targets :slight_smile:


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I was really thinking hisec only, lowsec/null just business as usual :slight_smile:

My first player corp mostly did missioning and mining in Gallente HS with a bit of PVP.

Any time any of us got a Serpentis Score L4 offer while we were mishing together, we would mine it for multiple days as you can keep a mission open for 7 days as long as you don’t complete the objective (and in that mission, the objective is in a 3rd room behind 3 accel gates).

The first room in after the lobby gate is filled with pyrox. In Gallente space you can’t get pyrox in belts (or anoms, I don’t think).

So for nocxium to build ships, CEO wanted max pyrox and we’d all mine pyrox in that mission and sell to him so he could build (primarily Caldari ships that needed lots of nocxium). Was a fun mission/mining mix back then. 2013/2014. The alternative was to fly all the way to Hatakani (on the Gallente/Caldari border) and mine Pyrox in belts there, but that was a looooooooooooot of warps and jumps in a mining fleet. We weren’t rich enough (yet) to have multiple mining fleets in various places around k-space and j-space. :wink:

Kinda how burn jita is mostly about killing freighters and jump freighters, but t2 and t1 industrials, orcas, etc. will be killed as targets of opportunity if they wander through Perimeter/New Caldari/Sobaseki/etc. etc. in and out of Jita.


I might try this in null. Why not just clean up the site in an orca or porpoise if there’s rocks? Honestly I’ve seen rocks but never bothered to look at them or scan them to see if they are better in load than recently needed anomalies and belts.

Might be on to something here.

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I wouldn’t mind to let someone mine the missions that I run if they have several hours before i would lose the bonus.

As far as I know, to prevent a Complete-Mission-Site from disappearing there must always be someone inside the Site. Thus, it is possible to complete a Mission-Site while others are mining it. Of course, when complete it will disappear after a Daily-Shutdown.

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If it turned out to have profitable aspects, it would be run the same way other missions get maximized for profit. You would ‘pull’ the profitable mining missions that could be farmed over days with one character, get the mission to the ‘incomplete but mineable’ stage, and mine it with either the same or a more mining-efficient character.

In that case it would be interesting to check how mission ore sites respond to timers and downtime. Do they regenerate? Go back to full after DT? Does every rock mined disappear for good?

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