Mining in missions?

I have noticed many missions and combat anomalies have ore resources. I am also finding the gated ones don’t allow barges. Is a Porpoise a viable option or will they be blocked as well by the gates?


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Here is the list of resources per mission and the allowed ship types.

Although it states where barges and orcas are allowed, the non veldspar list is not up to date. Missions have been stripped from non-veldspar ores.

Con confirm warped out to a anomaly combat site (no gate) and did notice a few Asteroids but thought that was placed there for new pilots as the asteroids looked rather small.

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Just be careful with mining in missions. Some of the rocks have land mines in them and will explode and do damage. I usually use a porpoise to loot and salvage due to the fleet hanger…so I’d just set my mining drones on the asteroids while my other character had her salvage drones out.

Took me a few heart beats to figure out why I kept losing mining drones. ;-D

this used to work , still may.
keep a char. in the deadspace pocket you want to mine . turn in the mission . the gates and deadspace despawn , the asteroids will remain .

Or this link (dark theme) Mission mining - EVE University Wiki

If you take a look at the revamp of the career missions on Singularity, the combat oriented missions just lost all their asteroids: they are replaced by decoration asteroid. So I assume they plan to completely remove all ore that were not previously removed in regular security missions.

Which reminds me that I first sub an Omega account specifically to train and buy a barge to mine in all my career agent missions… It was a good start to my early industry.

Or, don’t trigger the completion of the mission. Mine to your heart’s content, come back after downtime the next day for another round and repeat until before the mission expires.

Click the Ship Requirement link in the mission description, you should see what ship is allowed. I know some allows barges and exhumers, but I never paid attention to the Porpoise and Orca (would be listed as Industrial Command Ship I guess)

Oh… and on Skilling Spree days, I’ll sometimes go to to an Hideaway in a barge or exhumers, and kill the rats while mining the rocks if available.

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