Orca For Mining Missions

Is it possible to complete mining missions using an Orca?
There seems to be a problem with using drones and missing ore.
Can this be done?

I doubt youll get it in the gate of most.

Drones are currently bugged for mining missions. If you use mining drones, you will fail the mission. There’s no need to use an Orca on a mining mission anyway…

Drones use to work before Residue.
Are you telling me you can’t make them work again?
Is that what they came up with Wastage for?
To nerf mining drones?

It’s not just drones I think the T2 strip miners also make it so you don’t get enough ore. But yeah, the mining missions aren’t awesome and I quite doing them. I have done a few in a Porpoise before using T1 mining drones.

Using mining drones for missions takes twice as long as just using a barge. Personally, I fleet mine L4’s using a Porpoise for the boosts and two Prospects. Also, in L4’s you will have to huff gas, which an Orca cannot do…

If I remember correctly, some of the ore does AOE damage too, so your drones take damage.

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You can use an orca, but must use T1 drones, same with strips or ice harvesters you MUST use T1 gear for mining missions to be 100% sure of being able to complete.

I just trained 512,000 skillpoints for T2 Drones that actually breaks my mining missions.
CCP should give me a free Skill Injector as compensation.
Or fix the problem.

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Who actually runs mining missions?

Yup, I did that recently, because I had never done it. I used an armageddon (of all things…) to do the gas missions (worked great btw), and a proc for the other stuff. Goes pretty fast in level 1s too, but nothing beats running three distribution agents for fixing terrible standing (couldn’t even get to Sister Alitur…). :smiling_face:

But an orca ?!


And here I thought they went and improved the new player experience…
Instead they implemented mechanics that break the new player experience.
You would think that this would have been fixed 10 months after Residue was introduced.
Doesn’t anyone test this stuff before putting it live?
Why do you have to use T1 equipment if the whole point of the game is to get your skills higher?
Sorry but this seems rather stupid.

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New players aren’t flying Orcas…

The residue mechanic works just fine. Use T1 lasers for expensive asteroids that you don’t want to waste any ore on. Use T2 and crystals for common asteroids that you want to mine a massive amount of quickly. They even offset the waste from residue by adding 30% more ore content to the asteroids.

You can use T2 mining lasers on mining missions just fine. Mission-specific ores are coded to ignore residue loss. The only thing that is bugged currently is mining drones.

Long story short, if you are using an Orca for mining missions, you are using the slowest, most inefficient method possible, or you just want to AFK…

Sadly, this is always what it comes down to…

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