No more rocks in pve missions?


Did CCP nerfed the asteroid rocks in pve missions? There were a lot of missions with asteroids to mine and I made three level 1 pve missions in a row which were supposed to have rocks and… nothing!

In particular, “Fair Play - More Bark (2 of 5)” was one of the richest, with:

75x Veldspar, average 45k units each
35x Rich Plagioclase, av. 25k units each
40x Pyroxeres, av. 40k units each

And… nothing…
My overview is well configured so it’s not a problem I couldn’t see the roids…

Was it annonced somewhere by CCP?

Yes they did.

Yes it was, it was announced in the patchnotes / announcement blogs for one of the recent patches. You should only need to go back a couple of months to find it.

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yep you are right: March 2020 release:

Various mission site locations have had mineable asteroids replaced with cosmetic asteroids. (30/03/2020)

Various might mean that in some of them, asteroids were removed but not all of them…

It might, but the intention was to remove spawn-able sources of ore/minerals from the game so I kinda doubt it. I guess there are none left in any mission.

Various combat anomalies have had mineable asteroids replaced with cosmetic asteroids. (30/03/2020)

Just ran a L3 Cargo Delivery and it has veldspar. I would have thought this applies to the probe scanables, like Serpentis Lookout which historically contained Jasp and Hemo. But it lacks detail about whether it is all missions or some. Next time I get Lookout, guess will expand my experience.

I did not think many people mined these anyway. In exchange for Jasp and Hemo, there is the chance of escalation or faction loot. Which is usually faster to obtain and the loot can be worth a lot more.

Well this is all sorts of disappointing. I trained up an alt specifically to mine missions with, just in time for them to remove the rocks. What’s the point of that? It’s a nice way to shift gears for a while, and an occasional reward of something different to do for those of us who like PVE on alts. Was this being exploited somehow? Yeah…very disappointing.

Yes, it was being exploited - players would keep a mission with high mineable asteroids active (not complete the objective) so it would reset daily during downtime, giving them deadspace mining sites they could mine repeatably - significantly reducing their competition and risk.

I am 99% sure not all missions have had their asteroids removed; I think they just hit the worst offenders. I saw what appears to be mineable asteroids in a mission this past week (it listed as a veldspar asteroid, anyway) but I didn’t check to see if it was actually mineable, as I was blitzing missions at the time.