Did ore rebalance affect missions?

There was all sorts of ore in them… Still the case or did they actually remember missions exist and rebalanced them too…

Ore in missions (besides mission ores) and exploration sites were removed and replaced with LCO fluff asteroids as far as I remember.

okies… mission guides still list asteroids in them. Maybe im misinformed…

some missions still have ore, others do not anymore

The guides are written by players and take time to be updated.

Found Omber today in high sec. Level 4 security mission

Still seeing asteroids in lvl 4 missions occasionally, low end stuff

Oh, and storylines from lvl 4 grinding still asking for “8000 units of kernite”. Right …

Yeah, been getting those myself too with SoE storyline agents. I dont think they are worth doing soon anymore (still could get 8k kernite few days ago in same station for 12M ISK or so, making around 10M profit for the implant for doing basically nothing)

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