Materials For War Preparation Mission not Updated since Hi Sec Mining Nerf

The Materials for War mission requires a pilot to pick up 10,000 units of Omber. This is a Hi Sec storyline mission yet it was never updated following the infamous ore nerf last year. Omber is not available in Hi Sec anymore, are you really expecting new pilots on mining missions to go mine in gank space?

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You can buy the ore and it still counts. I’ve always just bought kernite for the mission

Who mines for that mission?? I never did, it’s not a mining mission, it’s a supply and deliver mission.

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Before the nerf, it was possible to mine Kernite or Omber for the mission

Sure, but not required, and most people did not. Also it’s still possible.

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You make double or triple from selling the reward from the mission compared to the price of buying the ore.

I only have a huge stockpile of kernite from several years ago, when ore anomalies appears and I took advantage of kernite appearing

OK It is a fair point. But for the sake of newbies (which I am not) would you put a warning on the mission text that it must either be mined in lo-sec or bought?

No. Newbies are not doing L4 missions. I can’t recall if there are lower level versions of this or not, but by the time a player gets to L4 missions, it should be common sense to either mine it or buy it.

Before the Ore Nerf, Omber and Kernite were Hi Sec minerals. I am just suggesting a bit of rebalancing here

Is it L4? I thought the mission giver was L1

It’s a L4 storyline mission

OK Scordite = 2, Omber =3, Kernite = 4.

The Text could be changed on the level 2 one

there’s also this

> Either mine the ore or buy it from market. Bring the ore to agent and receive rewards.

I suspect it has been overlooked by CCP. But I also suspect it will not be updated.

Just buy a stockpile for future missions. Kernite is iirc 8,000 units per L4 mission. So purchase in lots of 8k.

It’s the same in NPC null. There are missions that require x ore that you could mine in the past but now with the mining changes there are no asteroids that produce those ores anywhere in the region or surrounding regions. Better to just decline the mission than to have to send a hauler 30 jumps to buy the ore or pay double the reward for the ore.

I can see the value in having missions from Career Agents keep players in high security space for those first few orientation days. I would suggest changing this ore to ore that is available in highsec mining anomolies. It’s still harder than before, but keeps the content for new players in highsec.

Buying ore is always an option, but sometimes new players are looking for an experience instead of an ISKperience.

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