Storyline Missions That Require Omber

After the resource redistribution change, Omber no longer spawns in asteroid belts except rarely in Low Sec. So far I have seen Arkenor and Bistot spawn in ore anomalies in Null Sec, Jaspite in Low Sec. but I haven’t seen Omber spawn yet anywhere.

One of the common Level 3 storyline missions calls for 10,000 Omber. I’ve had two missions expire now because I have been unable to find Omber, and I’m unwilling to buy it, since I think the price is inflated due to the scarcity.

If you are going to make Omber so very rare, these storyline missions should stop asking for it. I don’t think the original intent was to make this mission this difficult.


In this situation, I think a bug report is a good idea - at the point where an ore is virtually unobtainable by normal means, the mission is broken.


Yeah it needs fixing. Omber was available in L4 Duo of Death missions till they recently removed it. I am still mad at myself for reprocessing my last lot :frowning:

One way they could fix it is to handle it the same way they do in Mining Agent Missions, where an area spawns with a bogus ore type not used in industry, but would satisfy the requirements of the storyline mission.

Omber is commonly found in asteroids belt in gallente and minmatar low sec.
Fit a venture, jump in an isolated lowsec pocket and mine all the omber you need

Of course, the other really simple option is to just buy it.
You don’t have to leave high sec to complete the mission.

Yes, it’s currently 4.5m ISK for 10,000 units, but you are paying to save time and avoid the risks of going and getting it yourself.

There is nothing that says you must mine it yourself - I’m not sure I’ve ever mined for a storyline mission.

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Since the resource allocation change, Omber spawns very rarely in Asteroid belts. Every belt I visit is empty except for rats. Instead, there are ore anomalies, but they don’t spawn Omber.

Must have been very lucky then, last week I’ve found it in every single belt I’ve checked in lowsec systems in Essence :relaxed:

way back when I was building caldari frigates and mining a moon, when the occasional kernite anomaly would pop up, id go mine all the kernite for the storyline mission. Though the majority of the time, i just bought the kernite from the same station that needed it lol. the 8 Mil to buy the kernite was nothing compared to selling the implant that came as the reward.

Please name systems and stations where omber is required, I’m drowning in that junk and it’s not worth reprocessing.

It’s going to be a station with storyline agents, not sure what system.

Could be worse.

The Level 1 storyline missions for the Blood Raiders in nullsec, there’s only two different missions - courier some boxes 5 jumps, or supply 1000 veldspar.

Yeah it is pretty bad when you get storyline missions in NPC null which ask for an ore that no longer spawns anywhere in the region.

As a non miner, previously I would bust out a mining merlin with a junky laser (never bothered to train the venture on my pre-venture toon) to get through the mission. Now for that same mission I would have to go to highsec to get the ore if I didn’t want to buy it.

Good thing I already have standings and don’t run missions much for ISK anymore.

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