Low Sec ores @ High sec after the patch ;) + Asteroid spawn times changed? Patch 18.10 miners discussion + reviews

Hey there,

So after today’s patch I’ve found out that doing level 4 security missions still allow me to mine Omber. Which opens 2 doors:

  • You can make a bank yourself mining out all of it, and sell for probably high price in the future for high sec industrial players
  • You can rent out the site for good amount of ISK for high security miners/industry people

I also noticed one more thing. I logged out for 2 hours undocked, and when i relogged, i had asteroids nearby my ship, which I mined out before for a 100%.

  • did they change asteroid spawn times?
  • when you mine out an asteroid, a new one spawn somewhere in New Eden (thats how I’ve heard before) Is it possible that null sec corps are already eating out all good veldspar systems?

Any other things you noticed are welcome, let’s make a good overall discussion here!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the asteroid volumes are significantly higher also. 9k+ asteroids in average

IIRC missions when not complete will “refresh” after DT, so the rats/ores/etc will ‘magically’ reappear… some people will use this to run a ‘good’ mission multiple times, so potentially you could do this with the ore spawns if that’s your thing but only works if you haven’t hit the ‘mission complete’ trigger.


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