Mother Lode L4 mining mission

Can we have something changed?
Mission goal is to mine 44800 m3 polygypsum, while after recent “improvements” Mackinaw ore hold is lowered, so I have to make another trip to mine remaining 32 ore of 2800, yes only 32 ore of 2800.
Its not like I’m making billions, I just dont understand why this company hates solo players, especially high-sec, and especially miners. What are those “changes” aiming for, I’m not going to join wars or move to low-sec or do anything that assumes losing my assets because it’s hard earned under constand abuse from CCP.

switch to a different ship with a larger hold.
or have an alt with a miasmos hanging out to pick up a jetcan full of ore

Mack’s biggest ore hold, and I’m definitely not buying an orca to do mining missions.
And definitely not paying a second account just to do mining missions.
My grievance is to remove the left-over inconvenience after recent “improvements”, because there is no reason for it to be, it serves no purpose, it just annoys.

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Maybe you can add a cargo expander for that mission and put the extra ore in the normal cargo hold?


The mackinaw ore hold was not reduced? It was increased iirc.

Can you make more ISK doing level 4 mining missions than just mining regular ore?

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