[REQUEST] Rework Mining Missions

I don’t think mining missions have been touched in a very long time. As a player who runs mining missions, I would like to suggest some changes that I feel are necessary.

I know that mining missions have long been ignored by players due to the lack of profitability, but I would like you to keep an open mind for those of us who do.

Move the mission asteroids closer to the warp in point for the mission.

I’m assuming this was put in place before mining barges were a thing. It can take up to 5 minutes to approach the distance required to mine the asteroids. And some missions have an ore requirement bigger than the max ore hold mining ships, making you have to make the long trip back to the asteroid twice.

And to make this problem even more of a pain to deal with, you can’t warp to site and bookmark the asteroid then leave site site then warp back to the bookmark.

If you thought level 1 mining missions were boring, try not being able to do anything to help you complete the mission for 5 minutes.

The reward for longer (requiring more ore/ travel 1+ systems) level 4 mining missions should be increased to be more in line with other mining missions.

I’m not calling for mining missions to be as profitable as security missions, but it appears that reward for some mining missions are way more than others (more than double). This is especially true of all the ore variant level 4 mining missions.

Ice and gas mining missions have the greatest ISK an hour (for mining missions) but they completely overshadow the ore mining missions. Especially those requiring large ore amounts. This might have been intentional when first implemented, but I do think that they should at least make the numbers closer to each other.

I personally feel that the longer mining missions (which can take upto an hour (65 minutes in “Arisite Envy”) should pay more for their commitment to do such a long mining mission.

But if anything they should be within a couple million ISK an hour of each other.

This is especially detrimental to mining in low security systems, since the longer you are on grid the more likely you are to be attacked by players.

Make mining crystals work with mission ore.

This is almost a QoL tweak, but the abilty to use mining crystals for there mission counterparts would be very a nice addition, since otherwise tech 2 mining lasers have no use to mission miners.

If not, maybe add mission specific mining crystals available in mining corps LP stores.

How about CCP creates some sort of an Orca “light”, something affordable in the range of a t1 battlecruiser and if could have links and shield reps going but not ship hangar.
Come to think of it, maybe it should have really low mass, so it could in theory enter a frigate hole into w-space and even mine with drones.
The Porpoise of that ship would be an alternative to those Orcas being treated like mining barges.
That ship would have the tank of a well tanked battlecruiser and a nice drone damage bonus and maybe some larger amount of hull hp to sport and the mobility of a battlecruiser that could go about 1400m/s with a mwd on.

Man such a ship would be perfect…

I get you, in fact recently I’ve started using them for those specific missions. But having only one ship that can effectively do the missions that require you to slow boat it, doesn’t fix the issue.

It doesn’t mine as much as a barge, you can’t fight off drones and mine at the same time, and it is in a different branch of the ORE shipline, and it is meant to support a fleet, not mine by itself.

Also it doesn’t make sense in the progression of ships for mining missions: Mining Frigate < Barge < Exhumer

It is kind of like if pilots doing combat missions need to train into industrial haulers to complete some missions because their mission hold isn’t big enough.

CCP I’m pretty sure din’t created the porpoise as a solution to the non-updated mining missions. It works solving some issues, but it doesn’t mine and actually causes it to to take longer. It would be faster to Jetcan the mission ore and pick it up later with a hauler or Porpoise.

So just to be clear, you don’t think that the asteroids should be moved? Even though it is only a handful of these missions that have the asteroid too far away?

I don’t think it would detract anything from the game, and shouldn’t be to hard to fix.

No, I didn’t say that. I did some mining missions myself recently to repair my Gallente standing a bit and I had to do the level 1 missions in a Venture.
Even there, the rocks are quite far apart and you have to move around a lot.

I think it is because we used to mine in what the logi cruisers are now, so they didn’t have much on an issue moving.

I have no objections moving those rocks a bit closer to your point of warp in.

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Yeah missions are kind of a legacy feature at this point. I hope they rebalance them when they change security missions to include the new AI.

Until then, least we got the Porpoise :smiley:

Also thanks for the reply. I posted originally in the CSM assembly hall, and didn’t get a response. I’d rather have someone disagree with me then not getting any feedback, thanks!

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