Harder L4 mining missions please

Not that much of a rebalance or anything game-changing, I’ve been chaining L4 mining recently and noticed that all of them (except maybe the gas mining missions) are a little too easy to do.

I know they are supposed to be mining missions and not security, but except more cash and LP, L4 dont add to the difficulty over L3, it just seems to be more reward for just 5 more minutes of waiting for the strip miners to do their cycles.

For example, the gas mission “Like Drones to a Cloud” make more and more rogue drones spawn over time which asks the player either to get rid of them using an Endurance’s drones, or as I do speed/sig tank them (with little tank) orbiting the gas with a Prospect until its mined.
Ore mission on the other hand just spawn a small bunch of npcs (3-4 small hulls, sometimes 1-2 cruisers at a time) , and sometimes even not a single ennemy ship spawn, while the quantity of ore to mine make every ship but exhumers/barges a bad idea.

I’m not asking for these missions to require a Skiff with a max tank fit to survive, that would be too much, but my Hulk with a full yield fit and just one small shield booster can do every ore/ice missions while not giving a flying care about the rats. Making ennemies like nullsec rats, spawning up to 1 BS or 2-3 BC would be enough already.

TL DR : make ore/ice L4 mining missions a little harder by spawning mid-ranged nullsec rats in them, gas mission “Like Drones to a Cloud” is a good example of how it can be made interesting without being too hard.

Or I could even go in wormholes, sleepers are a whole new affairs as “rats”. But the thing is, I would expect at least some challenge, not nothing like we have now.

Yes I know that rewards are better in LS and NPC nullsec for missions too, and that adding bigger rats in HS could be a little buff of some kind to the reward.

But just warping and mining for 15 min for the hold to fill up, without anything to do but wait, I’m expecting a little more than that for a level 4, there is not any single place where a miner is supposed to mine safe, and mining missions dont show that well at all for now.