Now that mining has been fixed and improved when will they do the same for L4 missions?

This was great work I would love to see the same minds revamp and help out highsec L4 mission runners!


oh jesus

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Already. That didn’t take long.

If they apply the same logic to L4 missions that was used to “fix mining”, you are in for a treat.



I know you are trolling,

and I know that there is zero chance of CCP even having a mission system revamp on the whiteboard,

but damn it would be very nice to have.

(and I don’t even want it to be instanced like the latest low sec CONCORD sites)

I think this is wrong because CCP very much will want to look at improving missions and replacing since too problematic with old code now

What do you mean? Mining changes are great and will be a big hit. I want to try the new orca boosting asap…

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Yes why? they just made the system literally unusable and super complex for 4 month, but now that they add a module on the orca everything is solved. thx ccp

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The OP is most likely the most recent incarnation of the troll formally know as

Legit HyperN et
SoldMyChar ForISK
Doctor’s Assistant

Eventually he’ll get flagged enough.


Define unuseable though?

Ok Ill bite on that one;

Command Cruisers, Command Destroyers etc will gain a “Military Core” or a Micro Bastion Module

Damage from all weapons is doubled, but with T1 guns its halfed again.

All ships gain an Ammo Bay

Captials arent allowed weapons at all

Im not sure what the military equivalent of compression is. Micro Jump Drives? Those micro jump field thingies?



Micro Inversion Drives that you need to spool up to unfold your ship for battle.



Don’t forget:

  1. Drones are stripped to 1/10th their current damage amount, even if they are T2 or faction; they are all the same damage.
  2. All drone damage/boosts are removed from all ships, and replaced with a module bonus that takes 80% of your CPU, and only works for your teammates
  3. T2 guns damaged are halved, but then graciously allowed a 30% bonus over T1 guns
  4. Using anything but a faction gun/ammo combination will destroy 3/4ths of the item and salvage drops.

Not really, my reading was based on whats in the dev blog, not my imagination.

Mining has been improved ? Heck, yes, that must be why I renamed my Proc the USS Nerfed.


Maybe a new type of salvagedrones that do not attract rat-aggro.

Or Drones that can salvage a ship thats still alive…


FFS please, for the love of whatever deity, leave lvl4 missions alone. CCP does not need to be shaking up the mission plexes.

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New Dawn will fix all level mining mission. Every one will have to use Ore mining laser, Ore strip miner, ore Ice miner, ore gas harvester. Only omegas can do them because you will need to use mining barges or exhumes. Waste breaks all missions unless you Ore equipment. The new ice and holds mean that the ice and gas mission need to be changes to look in the proper hold. Mining mission on sis I can be done because the ore equipment only cost 100 ISK but on tranquility that equipment cost about 300 million ISK.