What do I have to worry about in level 4 mining missions

do I have to worry about doing combat or is it only mining with no hazards and if there is hazards in the way of enemies can a frigate do it

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In general if there are any npc’s they are of the same type to normal asteroid belt npc’s. There are a couple that have spawns of Rogue Drones but only up to cruiser sized and they can be tanked fairly easily.

A flight of t2 light drones will see you through all level 4 mining missions.


how much loyalty points do you averagely get per mission

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LP varies between 2k and 4k per mission, isk between 1 and 1.5 million per mission.

Those are dependent on your social skills, the sec rating of the system etc etc


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don’t worry, but don’t remain still.

I did them in an orca and it can easily tank all the rats.
add a proc (with drones) and you kill the rats with ease. 2 drones guarding the orca, three drones waiting by the proc, profit - meanwhile the orca drones can mine.

Drones to a Cloud would be the concern. Because it is a Gas Harvesting mission - you primary options are Venture or a Prospect. You are unable to eliminate the source of the Drones spawning. (which can be done in the one of the Ice missions). So they will just keep coming. A tight 500m orbit. Solid drone skills with a Venture or a decent armor tanked Prospect.

The only other bother - is that a couple of missions have distances of 30km or 45km from the arrival point to the goal Asteroid/s. A barge/exhumer usually cannot fit a prop-mod without using a mobile depot to refit for mining. Else, slow-boat into position.

I never felt the need to min-max for the Crystals necessary for the high-end pseudo ores, and just stuck with tech1 Mining Strips for omni usage - but it is also something to consider.

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