Courier repacking no penilty

hi all

this is probably been ask before

i running a tayra maxed out for space,

i keep running into issue where i have several packages in the same region hold of 32km3

i package 21,000m3 compressed a 3rd of that or less

when u the user does not compress ore it restricts what i can carry i could of carried 5 x time as much and the reward is more efficient

my idea is to allow the crate to be opened under a timer compress and repack in a 5 - 15min window is they do not repackage they loose the collateral in full
user gets a msg to say crate has been opened and repacked

the option is on the contract tick to allow repack

if this was the real world this is done to optimize space

6 pk 21k each over 12 jumps each way is not efficient

If someone is paying a rate for uncompressed stuff and wants uncompressed stuff you have no right to be compressing their stuff. I’d be pretty mad if I got some uncompressed kernite for a storyline and some dork compressed it. Or if said dork compressed the gas I ordered.

Also, put this in Player Features and Ideas. This has nothing to do with the Photon UI.


People pay courier contracts on an isk per m3 basis, if they want to ship uncompressed stuff that’s up to them.

thanks for the feed back i never thought about the reason behind not compressing

i just thinking that more space to shift more stuff more isk to bank,

food for thought

Moved from Photon UI features and ideas to Player Features and Ideas.

I actually agree, you should be able to move the items as you please, provided the box has everything in it when you complete the contract, who cares how it got there?


Being able to split the delivery sounds like an idea with merit. I still would be quite annoyed if someone decided to “helpfully” compress my gas though, so that shouldn’t be allowed.

At which point I wouldn’t be putting back into the box what came out of it.

alternately have a dedicated ore package option only ore can be shipped in a either an pen or compressed stated, this can either fit into a mineral hold or ore hold

just a thourght

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