How to transfer ore recently mined from your ship

Help need to know how to transfer ore from ship


dock, drag ore from ship to hanger.

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If you have mined in a specialized mining ship like Venture - all the mined ore will be in that ship’s Ore Hold (it is separate from cargo hold). You can navigate to it by opening Inventory > locating your ship in it > opening its ore hold. Or you can right click on the ship in hangar and choose to open ore hold directly.


Thanks for the help!

You can also ‘eject’ the ore into space. It will create a cargo container with the ore in it. This is called “Jetcanning” and you can open the container and fill it up if your ship is full. This used to be common practice when mining ship holds were smaller than they are now.

There is risk to this jetcanning, as anyone else can steal the contents by becoming a “suspect” and taking the contents and gaining a suspect flag (they will flash yellow and can be shot). I won’t get into details but you should become familiar with some of the mechanics of the game.

There is also a newer mechanic that allows you to “deposit” contents from your ship directly into an Upwell structure (player owned structure) without docking up. You should be aware that your docking access can be re-voked by the station owner/operator without your consent. Be sure you have good access before using this feature!

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