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I had a 100,000 isk bounty placed on me by a member of my own NPC for asking too much of a beginners question in corporate chat. They all had bounties on them and thought it was funny, but I got promptly killed by someone who noticed me in 0.4 space. The bounties do have consequences to new/low skill players and are used as an excuse by senior players to attack. I have a friend in my new corp who is in the same situation. Is there any way I can remove his bounty for him without damaging my own security? (I really like traveling freely in Hisec space…) Thanks.

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0.4 is NOT Hisec space, its low sec and pirates can attack you freely there just because they can. Bounty on you has no effect in that situation or in any situation tbh.


It highly unlikely you were killed in lowsec for the bounty. Likely it was a general pirate looking to kill any target, bounty or not.

But to answer your question, yes. You can duel your friend and kill him without losing security status or your ship and collect the bounty. He’ll need to be in a ship worth 500k ISK or more to remove a 100k ISK bounty as they payout is only 20% of the destroyed value.


Awesome. Thank you Black Pedro.

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I hunt in low sec (and everywhere else), usually I only notice someone had a bounty on them when my wallet flashes after I’ve killed them. Pirates in eve don’t hunt bounties, they hunt kills. If they think they can kill you they will shoot you, bounty or no.

You can safely ignore bounties, having or not having one makes absolutely no difference whether you get engaged or not.

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I realize you feel this does not apply to you, but depending upon the circumstances, and the pilot in question, getting a bounty can be considered a compliment.

@Mike_Azariah has an enormous bounty and he’s one of the nicest and most helpful people in game. Mike distributes free ships to new characters/players, under 30 days old in game, in the starter systems, under his Operation Magic School Bus program.

I was thrilled with my first bounty, as I received it due to bs-ing some guys hunting me in nullsec. You could say the bounty was a tip for the entertaining “grief” I gave them in local. They were interrogating me as to why I was…where I was…and I kept insisting I was just an “innocent traveller” snared in their web of intrigue. It was all in good fun and as near as I could tell, we all had a good time without any explosions of the antimatter kind…although there was a lot of hot air. :wink:

So, while bounties can mean a lot to the bountied individual, depending upon whether they appreciate or dislike the attention, as others have mentioned, they don’t actually mean a lot in game.

In all likelihood you were shot because you were in low.

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there are edge cases where bounty matters: if there is a bounty big enough on, for example, a hauling character - they are more likely to be ganked in HS space because risk/reward is skewed in that case

As the bounty payout is tied to the ship you are flying, your total bounty amount doesn’t matter. A bounty only pays out 20% of the value of the destroyed ship (or the rest of the bounty if it’s smaller than the 20% payout.

Nobody will gank you because of a bounty. No matter what ship you are flying.

Bounties don’t matter, don’t worry yourself at all about them.

People will bounty new players just to see which ones will freak out over it.

People will sometimes put a bounty on someone just to “subscribe” to their killmails to see if they can tell what general area they operate in and what ships they might prefer.

The bounty system is very broken, has been for a long time, and is a low priority to get fixed.

.4 is low-security space. It is very unlikely your bounty had anything to do with you getting exploded. You were simply a target of opportunity.

Bounties don’t matter at least for now.

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