Drone Aggro

Ever since i’ve started using Photon, which for the most part i do enjoy, i’ve had issues with drones seeming to always been on aggressive mode. Unless there is something that i’ve missed i can’t seem to change that. As a result there have been several fights that have been impeded because drones switch off my target mid fight even if i’ve just given a command. Am i missing something or is this feature no longer there?

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“aggressive” does not mean they switch target mid fight. That means they select a new target whenever their target is dead, or whenever an entity start taking offensive actions against you while they have no target.

For them to switch target, they need to have lost their target, through eg jam.

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doubtful it’s to do with photon .
drones respond to ewar , and may switch targets due to their ai prioritizing that . this is not new .
best to have their commands hot-keyed , and be ready to direct them back to your desired target .

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You used to have the option to have drones set to aggresive or passive as well as focus fire or not. None of those options exist anymore. As a result drones split attention and switch aggro more than ever. It used to be possible to set them to passive and new stimulus wouldn’t affect them.

just. no.

you still have those options they’ve been moved , I’m not going to enable photon to find where , you can do that if you like .

they exist, you’ll have to launch drones in space, then hover mouse cursor over the “Drones In Space” section title, to have 4 icons appear, from left to right

Cogwheel (Where you toggle Aggressiveness and Focus Fire)
Return and Orbit
Return to Bay

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