PvE Salvaging and Repetitive Stress Injuries

As a seasoned PvE player, I would like to point out that in salvaging a Sanctum, there are on average over 107 mouse clicks for salvaging each anomaly. After as few as 5 anoms, my wrist starts to get sore…

I would suggest there is a demand for a high or mid slot module for ORE ships like the Noctis that when activated, automatically locks wrecks in range up to the targeting limit of the ship. That would reduce the click-load by half.

Mind you, I would love it if it automatically assigned available tractor or Salvaging units to wrecks within the modules range as well!

What do you all think?


MTU and a flight of salvage drones.

Salvage drones will, if you have nothing targetted, take the ‘salvage’ command to mean ‘salvage everything’.


Autotargeting module installed on a Noctis should target wrecks.
For the loss of one high slot, I would support this.


I second the MTU + salvage drones suggestion. I used them to great effect when I ran full clear missions with a marauder.


I do indeed drop an MTU and return before the wrecks expire. So I have a whole lot of wrecks around the MTU and want to minimise the click-load before moving on to the next MTU. Salvaging drones solution might be okay for ‘AFK’ salvaging, but I am actively salvaging in a Noctis with 7 Salvager IIs and a flight of Salvaging drones.

meh salvaging, offload that ■■■■ to a newb.

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Maybe get a more ergonomic mouse.

Eve is all about clicking. If you cant do that then PC gaming is not for you.

I just realized that you can multi-select wrecks, in the same manner that you can targets! Just have to setup your brackets to only have wrecks. Damn that saves alot of clicking :grin:

JonnyPew shows ya how for targets. Works the same with the noctis, he even mentions it.


In total agreement . Same can be said for setting up P.I .
They need to reduce the click fest that is salvaging and P.I

PI I seriously agree needs a change.

I have a proposal in with CCP, but it’s a chunk of UI work.

(Mechanics wise, there’s little change. it’s pretty much all UI.)


What are you doing, salvaging wrecks?

Wake up, slap yourself, have a double vodka, and go do a relic site.

If you want salvage, even the worst can in the worst level 1 relic site will pay multiple times as much salvage as an entire combat anom. If you do a whole relic site, expect to get more salvage than from ten combat sites. And you will get tech 2 salvage, too. Which is actually useful.

Salvaging (as it stands) is losing the internets.

I don’t know about this. It is a difficult issue.

PI is actually pretty interesting, on its own terms. The problem is that it is what it is, and it gets boring REALLY FAST.

Folks want passive income to offset the cost of subscription. If you all make it too easy, everyone will do it. If it is a grind, nobody will do it. Either way, if folks are doing it for risk then they will bored and start to resent it, no matter how you change the UI.

It isn’t about the UI. It is about the same inputs giving the same outputs. It is about the tedium of a linear system of rewards.

Please don’t waste useful people on dead ends like polishing UI for grind mechanics.

The object has got to be to entertain, right?

So what entertains is apprehension and risk, and the promise of significant reward.

Chew on this: we have been living in nul sec for maybe a year now. There must be about seven of us in our local group.

In all that time, one of us has seen ONE dread in the ice belts, and nobody has ever seen an officer rat.

See, you all do what is easy, like changing up the UI. Nobody at CCP is willing to try the intellectual work of designing AI systems that mix risk and reward in complex ways.

That’s a leadership problem, straight up.

You guys can make the game better. You just have to get it done, or die trying.

After my carpal tunnel surgery, I asked my orthopedist if I could go back to using a mouse now that things were all better in my wrist. He said, “Sure, if you want to see me again. If you don’t, use a trackball.”

And I have, for 15 years, with no issues.

Even better, add targeting scripts for Auto-targeting module.

Because you cannot have nearly effort free access to space riches. If you want the stuff and your wrists hurt then use the alternative of an MTU and salvage drones to give your wrists a break. No never salvaged a sanctum, but it cannot be any worse than salvaging large level 4 missions like Worlds Collide or Massive Attack which can have 100 or more wrecks with multiple mouse clicks per wreck.

To get serious if that little amount of time cause you problems with your wrists then you have other problems that need to be attended to. Have you had your wrists checked by a specialist for RSI damage? if not you need to consider doing it, once damage is done it will not heal until you take proper steps and precautions.

A different mouse may be in order, one that better fits your hand, or changes the position of your hand. Having multiple mice with a different shape and changing between them.
Consider some other type of input device like a graphics tablet to use in combination with your mouse.
Changes to your gaming space may be needed, again an RSI specialist or research online can and will help.
Learning to left hand mouse (or right hand depending) can help eliminate the sore wrist issue by given one wrist a break.
Yes I did have the same problems with sore wrists etc, and then facing surgery for RSI I choose the path of education and physical therapy to solve the problems. After that and major changes to what I used to think was a very comfortable and well laid out gaming space, changing mice and keyboard I can now mouse around and click for hours playing games or any other computer activity and I am pain free at the end.

I hope your plan includes making snap-too hex tiles over the place “anywhere” circles.
Makes placing things neat and simple.
And instead of having to route individually when you route p0 from a storage to a factory for example you can route to anything it is linked to and have multiple selections to submit.
Old: A route to b, a route to c, a route to d, a route to e.
New: A route to b,c,d, and e at the same time by just clicking b-c-d-e and hitting submit.

I made a few (~20) serpentis relic site in null space. average value was 10M/site. for the whole sites.

So no, relic sites are not that worth. tried angel and got almost same value. did guristas and had 4 times that value.