New Player, Enjoys Salvaging

So, I really like the idea of salvaging. I skilled up for my new Noctis, jumped in one, and really enjoy salvaging wrecks.
The only thing I really have to ask about, is why so many clicks?
I have to lock the wrecks, turn on a tractor bean, turn on salvager when it’s close. Then I have to click open cargo, then click loot all… why?
Can the Noctis just auto pull loot inside the cargo hold like the mobile tractor units? I am already locking the wrecks up, tractoring them in, my intention is to clear when I do that. Are the extra click necessary for game play?
I mean, maybe the Noctis has a special computer that knows we want to loot?

idk, just noticed kinda a TON of clicking

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Yep. This game is a clickfest alright.

Poor UI integration.

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Why? Because you are still learning, looks like you didn’t find out about shortcuts yet.

  • You can activate all modules without any mouse operation.
  • You can lock and focus targets without mouse operations.
  • A doubleclick on a container will open it even if it takes time to reach the container
  • Auto pull: Guess why MTUs are that popular… Much more range than a Noctis btw.

Uhm, my Retribution isn’t fitted with that special computer that knows I want to brawl either.

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Fly noctis to site. Launch salvage drones. Right click drone stack and hit ‘salvage’.

Watch as drones auto-salvage everything in range.

Use tractor beams to pull in wrecks out of range.

Rinse, repeat.


why? because you need to learn and improve
use a mtu to drag the wrecks all around and warp to the mtu instead of using tractor beams
use hotkeys
use salvaging drones if you want

You can choose what items to loot and which loot not to pick up.

Your cargo space is limited, your intention may be to pick up the valuable items only.

  • A doubleclick on a container will open it even if it takes time to reach the container
    I did not know this. I can click 2 times rather then right click, left click, a little bit better, but still 2 clicks.

Lots of people told me that the noctis isn’t really worth the bigger expense, but I just enjoy using it, felling like I’m running a salvage ship.

I saw the new video about the release this month where they talked about salvaging, and I really enjoy the profession, just noticed a while back that there could be some reduction to clicking.

I did notice something interesting with a MTU, If I’m sitting right next to an MTU, and tractor 4 wrecks to me, the MTU will scoop the loot even without it targeting the wreck, even while it’s pulling another wreck. So there is some code there to “vacuum” items in containers within 1500m of it. So i can use an MTU to kinda do it. It would be cooler if I could have the ability in a noctis that just auto picks up items until your full, if you have tractors being used.

Lots of people are wrong then, there is no better ship for salvaging.

Btw (1), an additional way to lock wrecks: ctrl + click/hold left mouse button, draw rectangle on screen. Especially handy when combined with pre-launched MTUs, if you don’t want to wait for salvage drones to finish everything without locking anything. I usually follow the “launch drones > salvage” path without locking anything. While they’re doing that I focus on the wrecks at distance and tractor them in, and salvage those.

Btw (2): you can program a shortcut for next (and previous) target in the shortcut section. That helps a lot too and makes activating the salvager modules that much faster and convenient. Takes a bit of experience to not interfere with your salvage drones, which will happily take whatever is closest to your location.


I use to send my drones one by one to the 5 wrecks without loot which are farthest, to save the time the MTU needs to pull these. In this case the Noctis is also very helpful because you have to be able to lock many targets.

Many players don’t like salvaging, but if you like a tidy space, there’s nothing better than a Noctis. And if you know what to do, salvaging the remnants of a station or expensive ship can bring you materials worth up to 100m ISK.

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Just a reminder to all: This is the key feature of a game.


What is this blasphemy about enjoying the game?! Next time you’ll tell me fun/h is more important than ISK/h. :eyes: :thinking: :face_with_monocle:



Oof would be so nice if the noctis got a salvage drone bonus maybe to speed or salvage range.

20km salvage range on drones would make them much more effective.

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