Single Unlock button for the Noctis

After reeling in the wrecks and looting them it would be nice if we could unlock all wrecks at the same time to be more efficient at looting and allowing the drones (salvage), to do their work, having to unlock them one at a time is bit annoying chore.

you know that you can launch salvage drones and get them to start looting without actually locking any wrecks don’t you?

Yes, I know, there are times wrecks are a bit too far out for them to start, I use a drone range mod but still.

Not Empty Quoting.

Ctrl-shift click.

Not against a shortcut for unlock-all.

Being that this is not something I posted in this thread, and you are quoting from God knows what your addition to the post is irrelevant, there’s a difference in wanting an addition to improve the experience and asking for nerfs, or over powered mods, etc, but as ALWAYS there is someone trying their best to lay an egg simply cause they have nothing.

That you.

In those situations I would launch the drones, get them salvaging then target the wrecks far away drag them closer with a tractor unit or even easier, drop an MTU, there cannot be many things further away than 125km

Yeah, problem with dropping one of those (MTU), it immediately attracts the feces pieces.

whether your ship is there or a MTU people can scan you down and enter your site, if it concerns you invest in a “magpie” MTU, they are more difficult to scan down.

I personally don’t care if they come in to loot and salvage, almost everything is junk so too me isn’t worth getting feathers ruffled, it’s the members of ‘sergeant peppers lonely heart’s’ club who show up trying to bait and in general being a nuisance just to be one, now they don’t really mean anything in general but lately there have been some that have followed me jump after jump, had one guy jump 15 jumps out with me to another area (talk about desperation), I would abandon the salvage and loot but they didn’t want it they just wanted attention and I guess I wasn’t satisfying it, I don’t know just makes me wonder who is really behind the keyboard, guess I think too much but it is strange behavior to me.

Just to add I’ve invited them to fleet and run missions they turn it down, I’ve made invites to convo and get blocked, really, I don’t get it.

I guess I’ll just send them this ;

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