Suggestion for additions to the Noctis

IMHO, the Noctis needs refinement. In its present form it is useless in the sense it can not find a wreck unless lead to the site. This is comparable to a Titan unable to see the enemy unless someone stands them and points to them.

My suggestion is to allow this ship and only this ship to fit a salvage probe launcher, salvage probes [akin to a combat probes}.

The only use for this would be to salvage OTHER player’s NPC mission wrecks. If you created the wrecks yourself, then you already know right where they are…


99.98% of all wrecks you would find won’t be abandoned (blue), so you can’t tractor them in anyway. And they are usually too far spread out to salvage them one by one.

I really like the idea of making looting/salvaging of combat sites a profitable profession, but other steps would be needed as well to make it work. Like auto-abandoning of wrecks/containers after the owner leaves grid for example.

Another issue to consider: the number of wrecks in some mission systems goes well into the hundreds, in some hubs maybe thousands. The server would need to create an own scannable signature for each of them, in all systems. I don’t know how much stress that is for the hardware, for probably little gain as not many players will want to do this job. Most of the missionrunners could easily loot/salvage by dropping an MTU and come back with a Noctis. But most decide that its not worth it, as the next mission will pay out much more than the salvage of the last is worth.

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Wouldn’t work for cases where you clear an L4 with your combat ship, then warp back to station to grab your salvager. By the time you get back, some jackwagon has already warped in and taken everything…

You also couldn’t warp directly to wrecks in an active mission, as it will drop you at the first acceleration gate. If that acceleration gate requires a key, you aren’t getting in anyway…

This would be much like vultures, making a living off the work of others, which this game doesn’t need any more of…

Thats exaggerated. I fly L4s a lot with an alt and in 99% of all my missions nobody cares for the wrecks, nobody ever scans me and nobody messes around with my MTUs.

Besides that, I absolutely like that idea of stealing peoples wrecks. It creates conflict. Its creates player interaction. And nobody forces you to warp away, you can drop an MTU early and just wait inside the mission pocket until it has your wrecks tractored in. Decisions, consequences.

I’d use it to troll the salvagers. I’d just kill the gate triggers in a multi-room mission and leave the other NPC’s. When some poor idiot in a Noctis warps in, he’s greeted by 20+ battlecruisers and battleships. Bye bye Noctis…

If you are bored, try it. Its a way of player interaction too. I would expect you give up after waiting two hours and nobody warps in, and if, simply warps out again since in L4s barely anything tackles. But, it’s a sandbox, go for it!

No need.

Try an expanded combat probe launcher, and probe the enemy ship that’s creating the wrecks!

Or if it’s a friendly ship that’s creating the wrecks, just ask them to bookmark it for you or provide a warp-in.

And if they’re your own wrecks, just bookmark them yourself. :wink:

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Only 99%… that’s actually less then I thought it would be. Maybe I should bait PVE battleships into fights more…

I can’t even remember the last time someone warped into my mission (its been probably more than a year) and I lost my last MTU to some scanner in early 2022. Probably because the MTU loot is worth almost nothing and most of the runners have learned to simply ignore baits. So its a tiresome, non-rewarding job. A good solution would be to remove some part of the bounty and give that back in Tags/Datasheets, making the wrecks valuable. But of course the ratters don’t like that. :slight_smile:

You can tractor and salvage any and all wrecks regardless of ownership, you just cant LOOT without going sus. Same with MTU it will tractor it in but not LOOT.

EDIT: seems i was wrong. I thought MTUs pulled wrecks that didnt belong to you or fleet. And what else i read said tractors wont either. I thought they did.

Hmm, a week ago I was doing an epic arc with a friend of mine who only recently started EVE. He was in a Noctis and when he had a disconnect and dropped fleet, his MTU couldn’t tractor in any wreck I shot while he was not in fleet. I had to abandon them all, thats why I came to the conclusion that you can only tractor in wrecks that belong to you (or your fleet).

Will go testing. :slight_smile:

"I can’t even remember the last time someone warped into my mission (its been probably more than a year) and I lost my last MTU to some scanner in early 2022. "

You’re fortunate == a corp-mate of mine has a persistent Suspect-flagged pilot, who warps into missions spaces (presumably by scanning down his MTU), shoots the MTU to destruction and then flies off w/o any attempt to steal the (former) contents. And this is in hi-sec.

If this happens a lot, it should be pretty easy to bait this pilot and just kill him. Or change the mission running location, plenty of good L4 agents all around. The furhter away from the trade hubs, the better.

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