Concepts dump of salvaging update ideas

not much to say here, its just a bunch of possible concepts to add more into the salvaging profession:

1. Meta and Faction modules:

this idea is pretty straightforward, just add some variations of the salvager family with different bonuses. for example there could be some named version with slightly better functionality than Salvager I or perhaps with less CPU/Powergrid/Capacitor constraints, then have some faction versions, one with better chance to salvage, another with better cycle time, and another with better range. Salvager II would still be the best version due to specialization but this would give more options for possible new salvaging fits.

2. Salvage Drone family:

another straightforward idea. expand the Salvage Drone family in a manner similar to Mining Drones. with a T2, Augmented and perhaps a “Scavenger” Drone which would be the salvaging version of an Excavator Drone, used by some specialized vessels (it could be something like eats a lot of bandwidth but can salvage several wrecks at once or have the highest salvage chance of all drones).

3. Salvage Enhancer:

a new family of modules, the Salvage Enhancer is the Salvaging equivalent of the Mining Laser Upgrade and its designed as a lowslot module that enhances range, reduces cycle and improves the salvaging chance at the cost of CPU. this and the next ideas are part of a bigger redesign of the salvaging progression

4. Tractor Beam progression:

Medium and Large Salvagers would be added. the tradeoff is more CPU and Powergrid for better tractor speed and range as it gets close to Capital Tractor Beams. this will mean some changes into how Tractor Beam bonuses work on the Noctis but the ship is also pending for a redesign in this thread. in addition to this there would be named and faction versions of these modules apart of the T2 version, with a bonuses focus similar to the Salvager family above. the range and speed of the basic modules can be seen here:

Small Tractor Beam -> 500 m/s velocity, 20km range
Medium Tractor Beam -> 700 m/s, 40km range (new)
Large Tractor Beam -> 900 m/s, 60km range (new)
Capital Tractor Beam -> 3000 m/s, 200km range

5. New Salvaging Frigate:

this is a ship designed to work as the first step into the Salvager profession. like the Venture, its a ship designed by ORE and shares much of the design concepts of the Noctis, however, this is the first step into a redesign of the Salvaging ship line.


Salvage Frigate Bonuses per lvl:

5% reduction in Salvager duration
10% bonus to Small Tractor Beam range and velocity

Role Bonus:

50% bonus to Salvager access bonus

4 highs
3 mids
1 low

20 m3 dronebay
10 Mbit/s bandwidth

50 m3 cargohold
365 m3 Salvage Bay

other stats similar to the Venture.

the Endeavor is designed primarily to carry 2 salvagers + 2 small tractor beams in the highs but there’s other options that could be touched like full salvager or tractor beam rack. its designed fundamentaly to serve as the main option instead of salvaging destroyers as it has both a duration bonus and a success chance bonus.

6. Noctis redesign:

this is mostly to put him in line with the rest of the Salvaging Ship line.

Noctis (Redesign)

ORE Industrial bonuses per skill level:

5% reduction in Medium Tractor Beam duration
10% bonus to Medium Tractor Beam range and velocity
10% bonus to Drone Damage and Hitpoints

Role Bonus:
50% bonus to Salvage Drone access bonus

6 highs
4 mids
2 lows

50 m3 dronebay
25m3 bandwidth

250 m3 cargohold
730 m3 Salvage Bay

2200 shield
1700 armor

rest of stats didnt change (just swapped armor and shield to make it more consistent with the change to a shield based tank).

in this case the Noctis became similar to its variant the Porpoise. its designed to focus on Salvage Drones instead of using the modules like in its old iteration (allthought it can still put Salvagers), this frees him up to sport a full rack of Medium Tractor beams in the highs while its bonused drones take care of the rest. it can also carry 2 times the salvage of an Endeavor and can defend itself if needed via combat drones.

7. New Large Salvage Ship:

this is a battleship sized ship designed to be the Epitome of the Salvaging career, unlike mining in which you need behemoths like the Orca or Rorqual, Salvaging requires subcaps that can last in the field in some cases, while processing the wreck produced by the combat pilots. this new class is dubbed atm as “ORE Dismantler” and is designed to be able to field the “Scavenger” Drones i mentioned initially in the thread, it requiresh ORE Industrial V, Spaceship Command V and Salvage Drone Operation V to learn.


ORE Dismantler bonuses per lvl:

5% reduction in Large Tractor Beam duration
10% bonus to Large Tractor Beam range and velocity
10% bonus to Drone Damage and Hitpoints
4% bonus to all Shield resistances

Role Bonus:
50% bonus to Salvage Drone access bonus
* can operate “Scavenger” Drones

8 highs
5 mids
3 lows

7000 shield
6000 armor
4500 hull

150m3 Dronebay
75m3 Bandwidth

500m3 Cargohold
1460m3 Salvage Bay

other stats need to be figured due to no previous hulls to base on.

unlike the Noctis, the Ziphius is designed to stay on field while the other fights the rats, and in case of getting aggro’d it can field combat drones to defend itself. “Scavenger” Drones are designed to eatch the same requirements as a Medium Drones so players have to make a concession on whether they want to have something to defend themselves or have full salvage potential

the defensive stats of the ship are experimental in case it seems too tanky but with only 5 mids it shouldnt be unbreakable, specially when speaking of things like Nullsec Anomalies or L4 missions in Highsec. in addition to this the Ziphius can carry 2 Noctises out of salvage in its special bay and has a fairly big cargohold for other stuff which means it could very well fulfil long duty in Wormhole Space if properly protected.

8. other possible additions:

-a set of T2 covert ops variations for the Endeavor frigate for a true “Ninja” salvaging work.

-converting the Primae into a Salvager focused hull to accompany the Noctis (but since its an Special Edition ship i dont think its possible at all)

-T2 Recon version of the Noctis

-T2 Black Ops version of the Ziphius

-changing and adjusting the bonuses of the Porpoise and the Orca for the use of Medium and Large Tractor Beams

-adding Salvage Frigate as one of the starting Spaceship Command skills in the Alpha Clone list.

-taking out the Salvager Cycle bonus from the Exploration Frigates and instead provide an Endeavor as testing ship during the Exploration Career missions (with the racial Exploration Frig still being the final reward). this way at the end of the line they decide i using a Salvage Frigate or an Exploration Frigate

-adding a Salvage Capital ship but that would be absurd taking in account the amount of Wrecks produced in any site doesnt require such an exaggerated amount of Salvaging and Tractoring power. it would mean creating a new kind of mechanic where Capital Wrecks or similar work like Asteroids and you need something akin to a Rorqual in order to properly convert them into Scrap Metal and components.

-perhaps change salvaging mechanics to something like the idea above. but AFK salvaging sounds dumb honestly.

-remove or reduce salvage loot from Relic Sites (you hack those for relics, artifacts and the like, leave the salvage for the real recycle team).

-add a new kind of “Junkyard” or “Derelict” scannable site where salvage players have to process several special wrecks. perhaps these sites can spawn rats at the start or at the end as there’s many factions that could be using the scraps. these sites only drop salvage materials + whatever is dropped from the rats. no hacking minigame.

Pointless to give Alphas access to any of the ships, as alphas can’t even use salvage drones…

they are supposed to use the Salvage Frigate. the other’s are for Omega use much like with the Mining Barges.

And you know exactly how that will turn out. The same as the venture vs barges. They will cry “how come we can have a salvage frigate but not salvage drones? No fair!!!”

they can use a ship that can salvage faster than currenty salvage Destroyers on top of using bonused tractor beams with a bay similar to the current Noctis. seems a fair tradeoff (not to mention the larger ones require the drones to do their job, unbonused Salvagers are a bitch).

All in all is it a start to something, but there are a couple of flaws that I can already spot…

You don’t seem to know how specific holds work, or perhaps just went a bit overboard with your ideas and missed it. Point is, a salvage ship needs to hold a lot of random stuff and you cannot give it something like a “salvage bay”. Salvage materials themselves have little volume. It’s mostly the random modules, ammo and other stuff, which fills the cargohold. As such should you leave it to one bay only, the cargohold.

125mbit drone bandwidth for a salvage ship makes it effectively into a drone boat. That’s going to overlap too much with other ships.

Removing two of the 8 high-slots the Noctis already has is not going to go down well with most players. You should leave it at 8. Many work with 4+4 or 5+3 tractor beams and salvagers and are used to the routine. So you need to offer something that matches this ability or you’re not going to sell it as an update.

Also recon and black-ops versions… again, I’d say are you taking your stream of ideas too far.


Lol, covert ops cyno jump bridge cloaked salvagers…

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the stuff in No. 8 are just possible stuff, not something im suggesting. there may be stuff that could be done and stuff that not.

the thing is that i wanted to give those ships their own cargo for salvage materials. perhaps i could cut it down a bit yeah.

the drones is mostly because i was following the Porpoise. perhaps its too much power yeah.

UPDATE: Salvage Bay and Drone capabilites changed. Scavenger Drones got changed to Medium Drone volumes and bandwidths. this is mostly to tune down their damage potential while still being able to throw something just in case they get attacked by NPCs.

It’s very easy to strap a Salvager and a Tractor onto any random Frigate, and go to town.

It’s even easier to toss a Mobile Tractor Unit and some Salvage Drones into your ship, and let them automatically salvage for you. I don’t feel like you can call it a “profession” if there are 100% legal and game provided means of fully automating the process. MTU gathers wrecks together, and even loots them. And the Salvage Drones “aggressively” go from wreck to wreck until the sky is clear again.

If you want to make Salvaging a “viable profession”, you don’t need more tools. You need more opportunities to use the tools we already have available.

I’ve often said, we need to bring “Salvage Sites” back again. The way I’d probably do it, I’d have a timer on the last wreck spawned in a particular grid. And after it’s been floating for an hour, it will spawn in a Beacon that can be detected by Core Probes. And all the wrecks turn Blue. That gives the owner time to run his mission and then come back for the loot. But if they haven’t come back after an hour, they probably aren’t coming back. So it appears as a Site that people can locate and get into. And the wrecks become free-for-all so you can tractor and loot without getting in trouble.

Then you can run around with your favorite Frigate, or your Noctis, or your (whatever has enough room for an MTU and 5x drones), and call yourself a Salvaging Professional.


Now that’s the spirit! Press one button and you are pro.

In the beginning there were the F1 monkeys, and after this salvage update… there are even more of them. :joy:

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Sorry, I just don’t see a need for any of this.


After having looked at the idea, I have the following comments:

1. Meta/faction modules: I guess this should be ok.

2. Salvage drones: I guess expanding the salvaging drones like mining drones would be ok, but I think that an “Excavator” equivalent salvaging drone would be overkill. The current price in Jita for an “Excavator” drone is about 1 billion isk and you would have to do a lot of salvage to pay for an equivalent salvaging drone.

3. Salvaging enhancers: I guess this would be ok, but as with mining lasers upgrades it would probably only affect salvagers and not drones.

4. Tractor beams: I do not think this is necessary. Currently, ranges and speed are managed via the bonuses to ships and I think it is only the Rorqual that can use the capital version. I think adding different versions would just over complicate matters.

5. Salvaging frigate: I am not opposed to this idea per se, but it has to be done right. At the moment the scanner frigates have a bonus to salvager so there are ships that can be used. Additionally, the frequently used destroyers are cheap salvaging ships.

6. Noctis re-design: My main problem with this thread is the proposed re-design of the Noctis.

  • First of all currently, the Noctis is the only dedicated salvage vessel in the game and, in my opinion, it should be the baseline when introducing new salvage ships. The Noctis may not be perfect but for me personally it works very well in its current form.

  • Secondly, you want it to be more like the Porpoise, but the ships are very different ships and do not need to be alike. The Porpoise is meant to support mining and the Noctis is meant for one thing – salvaging.

  • Thirdly, by my estimation the re-design you propose will nerf the Noctis into the gound by removing some high slots, by letting it focus on salvaging drones which is in my experience much less efficient than salvagers, and by changing the tractor beams.

For the coming example I will assume level 5 ship skill level for the Noctis and skill mastery level 5 for the Noctis and drones ( I actually have this on another character).

Noctis fit (current):

3 x Salvager II
5 x Small Tractor Beam II

3 x Medium Salvage Tackle II

5 x Salvage Drone I

Access difficulty bonus:

  • Salvagers: 80%
  • Drones: 13%

Tractor beams:

  • Range: 96 km
  • Speed: 2400 m/s


Medium tractor beams:

  • Range: 40 km * 1.5 = 60 km (skill level 5 = +50% bonus)
  • Speed: 700 m/s * 1.5 = 1050 m/s (skill level 5 = +50% bonus)

Access difficulty bonus:

  • Drones: 13% * 1.5 = 19.5% (role bonus +50%)
  • Currently there are no rigs that improve salvage drones access difficulty.

By my estimate the role bonus you suggest to drones is nowhere near the efficiency of the salvagers and with the re-design of tractor beam bonuses and the tractor beams this will also reduce the overall efficiency of the Noctis and in total by my estimation this means that the Noctis is nerfed into the ground.

7. Large salvage ship: I do not think this is necessary. If you want a ship that can stay on the field while there are still hostiles on the field there is the option (although very expensive) to use a marauder which has bonuses to tractor beams. Additionally, the bastion module can be fitted for additional tank.

8. Miscelleous: No comments.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts, but you are of course free to disagree.

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I don’t really see the need for any of this, the “salvaging profession” is what it is because of the value of salvage.

Besides don’t most people just use an alt to cleanup? I know when I was doing L4s I just had an alt with the noctis following my ship, tractors, salvage and reps. I could run both ships at the same time.

Why stop there let’s make covert ops cyno jump bridge everythiiiing!

It could create a fatigue immune bridge yes?

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