Dual role for salvage drones - salvage / pull wrecks

Request to have salvage drones capable of dragging a wreck back to ship for processing much like the tractor beams pull wrecks.

Carry a MTU?

That can be messy if soneone is jetcanning ore in your area.

Can’t they anchor their can?

They probably could, hadn’t thought of that…does not work on a cargo can though…

Fit a tractor beam? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL I wish, but alas I’m flying a retriever out here…

That’s a benefit of the mining frigates over barges: they can much more easily fly over to a wreck to loot and salvage it.

Mining support ships can do it too, with bonused tractor beams.

But even in barges have I been able to loot and salvage wrecks: dropping a MTU and salvage drones will do the trick.

And if someone complains ‘because they are jetcanning’, tell them to put the ore in the Porpoise/Orca/Rorqual, compress it or fly a ship with bigger ore hold than a Covetor/Hulk.

Because really, jetcanned ore is their own responsibility and should not stop you from being able to loot wrecks.

NO you cant anchor your jet cans btw they just got a capacity increase to 55k m3
Yes there are valid reasons for jet can mining that get benefits from boost ships withut being clustered next to them.
The recent change adding tech 2 salvage drones could have given them more function, but tractoring is not advised
However, allowing MTU variants to both tractor and salvage seems like a nice upgrade. perhaps the packrat class should have that added )

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