'Tug Drone"

Self Explanatory - This is a drone that will act similarly to a mining drone. It will whizz over to a wreck and it will latch its claws or tractor beam onto the wreck and then slowly bring it back to the mother ship - it will continue to drag the wreck until brought back to bay or re-ordered.

It will not be as slow as a mining drone with ore, but will slow down once it grabs its target. It could potentially be sorted into ‘size’ or have smaller drones require multiples to work. IE: A large wreck would require 5 light drones to pull, where as 1 heavy drone could pull it. Where as 2 or 3 mediums for a large wreck and 1 medium for a cruiser wreck.

The advantage of this method is it allows for individuals to make a profession ‘stealing’ wrecks. Or otherwise recover risky wrecks. It can also allow non-specialized salvage ships the option to bring wrecks in closer for salvaging without the need of an MTU.

I would not expect these to be used all the time, maybe even Niche use. But I think more options is always useful and adds extra flavor.


Ninja salvaging already exists. If you do this in lowsec you’ll just get shot.

I do experience the same problem you’re trying to solve but I dont like adding more drones. What if instead MTU’s [edit: and salvage drones, duh!] prioritized wrecks that currently have a target painter applied?

I actually like the idea of ‘tug’ drones. But a wreck is a wreck is a wreck, ie: if a tractor beam or MTU doesn’t differentiate - neither should the drone. So 1 drone per wreck for ‘tug’ duty.

Since using the tug on a yellow wreck; does this cause a suspect timer?

A tractor beam on a drone, makes perfect Gallente sense.
Add a skill, with the level boosting speed and/or mass it can haul.

The drone would work opposite of an MTU. Most distant priority. Use same basic command as salvager, automatically pulls legal targets, and if targeted, illegal wrecks.

A: Yes (you’d need to have the appropriate safety).