Cargo/Tractor Beam Drones

Drones that are slow but can go and collect wrecks/containers in space and bring them back to the players ship. like an mtu but slower.

Does the idea create destruction and facilitate ganking, swindling and griefing? No? Then it’s a bad idea.

Why not use an mtu?


MTU’s are big and bulky… as long as the drones are SIGNIFICANTLY slower than the MTU’s, I wouldn’t mind seeing this. Maybe make them expensive to make, and weakly armored so that they are more vulnerable to make them more situational to use?

Also, they probably shouldn’t be able to loot - just bring the crate to you.

Maybe make them like MTU’s in that they will only gather the nearest wreck that is farther than a certain distance away?..

60 km range as well, compared to the mtus 125km

why limit them to 60k range? they should have access to any drone range control mods that you have active. Yes, without mods they’d have a lot more limited range though, I agree.

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