Craxy Idea - Cargo Drones

A type of drone usable on Frigate sized ships that are one way - to the station.

Cargo drone takes 5m3, and 5Mbits of bandwidth

Can take a jet can to the nearest station in the same system that the pilot can use.

The drones can be recovered from the station

drone takes bandwidth until it is in the station.

If I cargo drone is killed the jet can stays intact and is free game

Allows smaller ships to continue to rat, mine, or do other activities without having to dock.

Allows several types of banking activity

Yes, it is crazy, but seems like fun to me.

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Mtu is more than enough. Please don’t let us have things automatically taking loot to station so we can farm harder/longer.

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Seems like lazy "I want to afk mine* to me.

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That’s a pretty cool idea, course the Cargo Drones should slow boat to the station from 15km range allowing players a chance at Piracy.

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Make it so you only become suspect if you kill these specific drones. :wink:


Yeah, that should be standard consequence. Also the can still remains the owner’s property after the Cargo Drone is destroyed.

Something similar to attacking the old NPC Hauler Convoys.

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