Booby Trap Drones

Korez Fujimura



so basically the idea/question is can you booby trap your drone so if you accidentally warp out or something, and someone comes by to swoop it up they get a cargo full of explody drone? if there isnt a way to do it the devs should come up with a way, but also make a way to defeat it in balance. i dunno, just a thought, feedback is appreciated.

dont kill me plz

Another player posted this…

I would like to add… It does not destroy the ship so much, as it would destroy items in a cargo hold, or in the drone bay. Depending on where it was scooped, too.


I like this idea, so did a copy into this section.

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If this was a thing, then players would simply shoot and pop your drones instead of taking them. You’ll still lose your drones either way…

Drones are cheap… revenge is sweet.

Revenge for what? You forgetting to recall your drones?

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Like I said, if this was something that could be done, then no one would take the chance on scooping your drones. They would simply either leave them there or destroy them.

I would still scoop them… if it gets so out of balance that every drone is booby trapped, that is CCP’s error.
1 every hundred or so… is not that big of a deal

I’m not sure why the game needs this.


It doesn’t. That doesn’t mean it would not be fun! :wink:

Like anything else, it would just be used to troll people. That’s what I would use it for. I would go purchase thousands of dirt cheap drones, intentionally leave them all over the place in starter systems, watch rookies scoop them up and get blown up left and right…

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You were not supposed to tell anyone. You never know what we can get past CCP in the age of chaos! :joy:

Honestly, I think this sounds like fun. I mean, the game doesn’t need it, but it think it would be hilarious to leave booby trapped flights of drones around. I would piss my pants if I actually got a killmail from killing some poor scavenger with booby trapped drones. lol.

+1 Don’t know why no one else thinks this is fun.

Because this will cause problems similar to Mines back in the day.

The potential for someone to just spam abandon drones, causing server lag, just because they know that it can damage an enemy ship who scoops it up.

There’s the potential for you to end up getting Concorded if you abandon some drones, and some person picks it up a week later while you’re in highsec, since you engaged in an aggressive act.

It adds nothing to that game, and just causes more problems.


Yet again @Scoots_Choco beat me on the main points regarding lack of necessity and exploitability :+1: . Keep in mind that you can always warp back to the site and Reconnect to your drones so you can recall them instead of having to scoop them up one-by-one. (Right click your HUD for the option to reconnect to lost drones.)

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