Salvaging after a mission?

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I keep reading about people going back with a dedicated salvager after they complete the mission. How do they do this? Doesn’t the acceleration gate and stuff disappear when you complete the mission. Even with a bookmark I can’t get back to it.

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Bookmark a wreck.
Turn in the mission, yes, the site will despawn, but not the wrecks.
Switch to a Noctis – dedicated salvage ship.
Warp back to the bookmark.
Salvage the wrecks. They last two hours after being made.


or drop a MTU in each pocket, BM the MTU.


Bare in mind if you drop an MTU some people scan those down with combat scanners to kill them, Noctis is good or MTU to collect the wrecks whilst you are on grid, but then scoop the MTU before warping off and warp back to the bookmarked wrecks to salvage


Thank you,
I will try that next time.

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And if you don’t have a Noctis, you can always use a Destroyer fit with salvagers and a tractor, only issue is you won’t have bonus for them like the Noctis does… also won’t have the cargo capacity either.

Course you can always do the tow-can special when your cargohold gets full, basically you eject an item which makes a temp canister (de-spawns within 2 hrs), target that with tractor and haul it around with you to place more loot into it while in that pocket. When done collecting all the loot, bookmark the can location and start transporting the loot back to station…


As mentioned above (if you are not and don’t want to skill into a Noctis or find it too expensive for the job due to ISK or risk of being blow up) you can use a cheap salvaging destroyer instead (see one example below).

Depending on your skills you might prefer a T1 destroyer from a different race but the base concept and modules will be the same but the layout might differ depending on the specifics of the destroyer you use and what your skills permit.

Also if you prefer to do this in a more (semi-)AFK fashion you might consider using a drone boat (destroyer or other kind) with salvager drones (omega only) and just let the drones do the job for you, though it will take longer to do so but assuming the game just runs in the background and you don’t risk anything expensive doing this then it should be no issue.

In such case keep in mind the drones will not go further than your drone control range so it is preferable to increase it with drone link augmentors (see below) to as much as possible.

There is a slightly more expensive T2 variant as well which you also can consider (the rest of the variants are way overpriced for such a task so are not even worth considering).

Note: You don’t have to target the wrecks just order the drones to do their job (maybe have to target one wreck to assign the order not sure but even then after that) they will do it automatically from there on as long as the wrecks are within drone control range.


Could that Salvaging Cormorant serve as a ninja salvager? Or does the Gnosis still hold the top spot as a Pilot could probe scan other pilots on mission systems?

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Not sure as I don’t have personal experience with using it for scanning. It definitely doesn’t have scanning related bonuses.

Have to test to be sure though and I guess depends on the target you try to scan. Just a guess but probably not too difficult to scan down a battleship for example or an MTU, but never did those in a Cormorant either so not 100% sure either way.

You could use a Sunesis for such which has a huge native cargo hold (600 m³), has role bonus for scanning and is quite fast compared to a Gnosis thus probably is a better choice (unless you also try to bait while ninja salvaging as then a Gnosis will perform better in the pew pew part of the activity if it occurs :wink: though depending on the foe a Sunesis can be a capable combat ship as well due to its omni resist, bonus to every weapon system, minimal skill requirements and drone bay).

This below is just a general purpose fit but can be easily modified to suit the ninja salvager role (and also can be fit to be combat capable as well for bait ops :slight_smile: ).

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You do lose a drone with the Sunesis since it only has 20 Mbit bandwidth but in my experience it doesn’t slow you down much.

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