Black Frog Logistics - Low-sec and null-sec jump freighter service

(Lyn Fel) #1

Welcome to Black Frog Logistics, the low sec, null-sec and high collateral division of Red-Frog

Black Frog Logistics specialize in providing jump freighter service to low-sec and null-sec space (NPC and select player-owned structures).

How to use our service

  1. Open the Black Frog Trip Calculator
  2. Enter the start system, destination system and the collateral amount required (be sure to use enough collateral to replace your items in case of loss).
  3. Click the Plan Route and Calculate Reward button.
  4. Set up a Private Courier contract to Black Frog Logistics
  5. Do not include populated containers in your contract unless it is absolutely necessary (ie. you have more than 200 individual item stacks). It will make your contract take longer if you do.
  6. Enter the reward amount which you received from the Trip Calculator.
  7. Enter the collateral amount which you entered on the Trip Calculator.
  8. For a Lowsec contract use a 7 day expiration and 3 days to complete. For a Nullsec contract use a 7 day expiration and 7 days to complete.
  9. It usually does not take near this long, but we like the leeway.
  10. Be sure that your total contract volume is not above 320k m3.
  11. Finish creating the contract and wait for delivery.

If you have any questions or problems join us in game in channel "Black Frog"

To be able to set other players missions
(Swag Muffin Riley) #2

Thank you guys for your great services. I really appreciate that you guys have such a large network of stations and citadels.

(Khorghast) #3

Just used Black Frog to move a massive amount of stuff out of lowsec following Judgement Day. They accepted the contracts swiftly and didn’t cost more than I expected. Thank you for your outstanding customer service! BTW, the “Our Thread” link on your webpage points to the old forums, so you may want to update that.

(ScionU) #4

Thanks for all the reliable delivery! You guys have made my return to the game a lot easier!

(Korwind) #5

I have been away for some time. Lefy some 3 ships out in null, no longer have access to the area looks like corp moved out or was pushed out. Do you have access to OMIST?

(Lyn Fel) #6

Its quicker to ask questions like this in our in game channel, but the answer is no we do not currently have access to outposts in that region.

(Korwind) #7

I tried in game channel no answer. Thanks for info btw

(Dentonia) #8


I have to ask here as ingame channel is either silent or not english friendly. So couple of questions:

  1. Have you guys recently increased transportation prices? I issued a contract yesterday from null-sec to Jita and was playing with calculator earlier today to issue another contract for the same trip. To my surprise price calculation with the same conditions (trip and collateral) resulted in an additional 100m reward compared to yesterday, going up from 360m to 460m.
  2. Will my yesterday’s contract issued exactly in accordance with yesterday’s price calculation get serviced?

Best regards,

(Dentonia) #9

I’m glad to say that the contract is now fulfilled. Thanks, Black Frog!

(Lyn Fel) #10

CCP doubled Jump Freighter fuel use in yesterday’s patch so we were forced to increase our pricing to compensate.

(Raskyn) #11

I recently used Black Frog to move a ton of stuff from null sec. They fulfilled the contract quickly within a couple of days, and delivered as promised. Definitely will use them again.

(Shey Danu) #12

Great job on two of our contracts into Drone space. Thank you very much for the excellent service.

(Felicity Onzo) #13

Excellent service and I have used them multiple times 10/10 for service

(Zordon) #14

Excellent and speedy service… Thank you for the care of my items as if they were your own. I’ll be using you again and spreading the word.

(JPAN71855) #15

I must agree with Zordon cause I couldn’t believe it, last night they moved 500 items for
me and today I put in the final contract for my remaining items to my new destination!

Thank You Black Frog Logistics!
Jim P.

(Trinity Raine) #16

Thank you for your quick service…4 contracts, 2 in lowsec, 2 in highsec…all delivered to my lowsec home…everything safe and sound…price was right on spot…thanks guys

(Fiio Crendraven) #17

in DO6H-Q there is a contract posted by me in nullsec needing to go to jita with a 1 bil reward on it.

(Messir Astaroth) #18

Absolutely BEST of the BEST hauling alliance in the whole world o New Eden!!!

<3 Kamela Freeport :wink:

(Helios Sol) #19

Any chance I could get a Rhea delivered?

(Lyn Fel) #20

Sorry for the delay, I do not check this thread daily.

While not part of our normal service we do have some pilots who move Jump Freighters on the side. If you evemail me with the location of the Rhea and where you want it delivered to (they have to be stations/structures that we service) I can forward the information to the corp and if one of our pilots is willing and able to do it they will contact you directly (from their in corp character, if not its not us) to work out the details.

Note: If anyone else is reading this and wants to do the same please also include what type of Jump Freighter it is in the evemail.