Welcome to Black Frog Logistics, the low sec, null-sec and high collateral division of Red-Frog

Black Frog Logistics specialize in providing jump freighter service to low-sec and null-sec space (NPC and select player-owned structures ).

How to use our service

  1. Open the Black Frog Trip Calculator
  2. Enter the start system, destination system and the collateral amount required (be sure to use enough collateral to replace your items in case of loss).
  3. Click the Plan Route and Calculate Reward button.
  4. Set up a Private Courier contract to Black Frog Logistics
  5. Do not include populated containers in your contract unless it is absolutely necessary (ie. you have more than 500 individual item stacks). It will make your contract take longer if you do.
  6. Enter the reward amount which you received from the Trip Calculator.
  7. Enter the collateral amount which you entered on the Trip Calculator.
  8. For a Lowsec contract use a 7 day expiration and 3 days to complete. For a Nullsec contract use a 7 day expiration and 7 days to complete.
  9. It usually does not take near this long, but we like the leeway.
  10. Be sure that your total contract volume is not above the volume limit given on the Trip Calculator.
  11. Finish creating the contract and wait for delivery.

**If you have any questions or problems join us in game in channel “Black Frog”

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