Purple Frog Transport - the High sec, high collateral, high speed service

Welcome to Purple Frog Transport, the High sec, quick and high collateral division of Red-Frog

How to use our service

  1. Open the Purple Frog Trip Calculator
  2. Enter the start system, destination system and the collateral amount required (be sure to use enough collateral to replace your items in case of loss).
  3. Click the Calculate Reward button.
  4. Set up a Private Courier contract to Purple Frog Transport
  5. Enter the reward amount which you received from the Trip Calculator.
  6. Enter the collateral amount which you entered on the Trip Calculator.
  7. Use a 7 day expiration and 7 days to complete.
  8. Be sure that your total contract volume is not above the volume limit given on the Trip Calculator.
  9. Finish creating the contract and wait for delivery.

If you have any questions or problems join us in game in channel “Purple Frog Transport”


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Good time to get in there.


PFT followed their older spawnling mate, BFL, with an increase in the last month. Contracts, Volume and moved collateral all increased by over 40%. The average time from issued-to-completed was just a tiny 17.6 hours with the max time being 2.63 days. Much of that max was surely Uedama’s hugginess? But very boss for PFT was the blistering accepted-to-completed times of almost under 60 minutes on average!!

Someone noticed it was a good time to drop a dozen and four contracts in! Average time from when the frog accepts the contract to when your stuff is back in your hanger this last month was 80 minutes.

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