Red frog dishonesty?

Thought i’d write a post to see how honest this alliance is. I’ve been using them for a while now but I have heard that contracts are being failed due to “being ganked” yet no kill mail is supplied as evidence and no kill mail can be found on the killboards. It would be interesting to know if this is a regular thing for Red Frog. I imagine Red Frog inspect all contracts and love it when the value of the contract is more than 1.5b.

I have had nothing but good experiences with Red Frog, and have sent them around 50 courier contracts. If you’re moving more than 1.5b in value, they also offer a service called Purple Frog with higher collateral limits, though I’ve taken my chances with 2b and 3b contracts before on their 1.5b service.

Where have you heard these contract failures?


Set the collateral at twice the value of the package and you’ll have a hell of a payday if it gets ganked.

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You’ve clearly never used Red Frog before. The contract will get denied if it’s over their collateral limit or if the pay is less than what the quote tool says it should be.

I think what he means is that you limit the value of the cargo but price the contract according to a much higher collateral value, up to maximum. So pay for a 1.5B contract but only ship .75B per load.

Of course then it becomes a question of whether it’s worthwhile to do it this way, as if no loads ever get ganked, you’d end up paying more on average than you would pricing normally.

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That’s true. I use one of the others for high value cargo.

I even tested them. I bought a ship for 18B that had sell orders at 43B. So I set my collateral at 40B to see if someone would fail it for the 3B “profit”.

They didn’t fail it. I am now their loyal customer for life.

None of that has anything to do with what I said.

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Did you account for broker fees and taxes?

Who did you use for that? Are they as regular as Red Frog? Overall service with RF is fine but just hearing that they do, at times, fail contracts if the value of the contract is more than the collateral.

I’ve used Red/Black Frog over the years many times without any issues. Then again, I’ve never sent a cargo with them that exceeded the value of the collateral.

I’m sure they get ganked sometimes or fail a job for other reasons, but I’ve never sent them a contract that didn’t arrive at its destination in a timely manner.

Of course they’re not going to show kill mails as that would reveal their hauler alts. If you set your collateral correctly then you got reimbursed and they gained nothing.


I’ve been thinking about trying them out.

To better understand the process, is “collateral” what they put up when accepting the contract? Or, something you pay?

Split it into multiple contracts.

Because of collateral there is no risk for the person making the contract.

Yep, that’s the way to do it.

Can they move fitted ships?

Collateral is an amount you set in the contract, separate from pay. When they accept the contract, they have to put up that amount, and they only get it back if they complete the contract successfully. If they fail the contract (ganked, late, otherwise) you get the collateral amount.

That’s why it’s best to set collateral at or above the value of whatever you’re trying to get moved.

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Yes, as long as the ship doesn’t exceed 845,000m3 assembled.

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If you’re trying to go cheap by breaking Red Frog’s rules (shipping high value contents while having a maximum of 1.5B collateral), then that’s on you for not knowing how to get things done properly.

You either ask for a special service with a higher fee, use Black Frog or a different service, or break your freight down into 1.5B packages.

You also can’t check “the killmail” because many haulers pick up on one character and complete contract with another, is my understanding.

Learn to get your shi…p together, is the moral of the story.


PushX accepts higher value cargo without issues.

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they are my preferences when having stuff hauled.

As if that is some amazing amount of spacebucks they’re going to ruin their business over stealing those contracts… Red Frog has been around a long time and has completed a lot of contracts. It would be surprising if they decided to do that to their business, but anything is possible I suppose. Highly unlikely…but perhaps possible…

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