Red Frog Freight - High sec freight service

I put out my first RFF contract yesterday and I was super concerned it would take forever. I was pleasantly surprised when it was completed just a couple of hours after it was issued. You guys certainly aren’t the cheapest but are the best. If you are comparing RFF and a competing service, trust me when I say Red Frog is the way to go. o7

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Greetings, New Eden!

A few small announcements. We have returned to Twitter to post status updates. You can follow us @RedFrogFreight

We also have a holiday event in the works for our clients that will most likely be gearing up this weekend. Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas, or chosen seasonal greeting! To celebrate the holiday season Red Frog Freight is offering 25% reduced hauling charges until the new year. This is accounted for in the below calculations. Happy holidays from all the pond!

To celebrate further, at the end of the year we’ll be randomly selecting eight contracts that we hauled during December and refunding the reward completely. Even if they were a rush. Happier holidays!

I was wondering if you had somebody that could move a bowhead? Also I need a interceptor to move high value ship parts do you have any prefencferance on which one you would fly to deliver it?

Last minute Christmas surprise - we’ll be handing out isk prizes (one each of 1B, 500M, 200M) to randomly selected clients from December, to start the new year off well. Discounts, Refunds and Prizes - Frogs love the holidays!

Shoot me a message in game with the location of the bowhead and where you want it to end up and we can see if we can find you a frog to move it. As to high collateral stuff we dont use inties we would refer you to our high collateral sister corp Black Frog Black Frog Logistics - Low-sec and null-sec jump freighter service

Created 2 20-jump contracts before going to sleep and saw in the morning that my stuff has already been moved. It’s my first time using the services of RF but surely not the last!
Also thanks for the seasnoal 25% reduction in hauling costs. Merry X-mas and fly safe!

Had a load of stuff that needed moving and couldn’t be arsed doing myself. RFF provide a great service, saved me much time and effort, if I’d moved it all myself I’d still be doing it now. Real good price too & great service. Cheers!

Awesome service - 5 contracts done within 1-2 days!

Looking forward to excellent service as ever from RF Freight!

Red Frog doesn’t mess around. I’m really impressed at how quickly my contract was handled.

Thanks for the speedy service.

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Best hauling / freighter service in Highsec !!!

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Faster than expected. Thanks! :100:

Great to work with. Always quick and easy, and saves me a ton of time!

Hi folks, just popped in my first contract, looking forward to working with you more!

Hey, posted you my first contract. Looking forward to a speedy delivery :slight_smile:

Just as a heads up to the community in case they don’t watch real close, Red Frog Freight just dropped its prices back to about 2015! Check it out, get some stuff moved cheaper.

Posted a couple of contracts today, for the first time. Hoping for smooth sailing for the boys that will transport it.

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Thanks a ton for your business! You won’t be disappointed in our service.


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These folk are as honest and reliable as Chribba, who plays stakeholder for deals that cannot be enforced. The service of RF Freight is excellent, and as a glad receiver, I often send the pilot accounts a tip afterward.

I have used many accounts in EVE, as I had to discontinue playing several times, but back at my peak activity as researcher and industrialist, RF Freight was invaluable to me. I no longer play an Indie, but I still use Red Frog when I need to move combat craft or components to finish out construction from blueprints (for my own ships).

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