To be able to set other players missions

I can make contracts, I can sell stuff, I can form a corp, I can put a bounty on someone’s head.

I can’t make a contract to…
Take out an FOB
Escort me safely through low sec.
Kill a player…

Love to hear what you think!




You can start a convo can’t you? And transfer isk?

Then you can do all of that.


but you can make contracts for all of those things… people do it all the time.

however they are predicated on trust. one of the biggest parts of eve. they are more advanced tasks so the game gives you less handholding and protection.

Dude, thanks for your feed back.

I love all the Frogs, lots of colours (colors). I might use them one day.

Hah. When someone says you can’t do something, becomes a red rag to a bull. Some people see this as a challenge. I did with an FOB solo. Perhaps put a bounty on an NPC! But seriously what if I could put a mission reward to kill the FOB. because apparently their is little or no bounty on those things. And people would rather run incursions.

Yes I tried to take out an FOB and had lots of fun trying. apparently if you look at my zkillboard i did not have fun. (see another post). But I actually did. I tried out a few fits. LOL.

But seriously there is a lot more to just couriering and item exchange. Just image creating your own missions. Perhaps even for newbie corp members to earn titles.


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I’m not even in Jita and my alarm has gone off.

again you can already do this. you can find plenty of people out there you can pay to take down an FOB. it’s the entire reason the FOBs have low rewards themselves

yep can also already be done…

Creating a contract to kill an FOB relies on trust. As far as I know, you cannot create an actual contract to kill something.

You can only create “courier missions”, not kill missions.

Just trying to introduce an additional aspect to contracts.

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yes just like most things in eve. that’s what makes them so worth while. players have actual impactful reputations.

i have both been paid and paid to kill individuals and groups.

it is up to you to enforce the conditions of your contracts rather than having the game protect you

You can use the bounty system.



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You are right, you can use bounties on capsuleers.
But I can’t put a bounty on an NPC.


The bounty system is broken, hence the /s marker.

why not just use the proper punctuation? ⸮ <-

Because I can.

you don’t because you can?

You seem a bit slow. Because I can (use /s just as well).

I’m not slow you’re just poor at grammar as the question was not “why do you use /s?” but rather “why don’t you use ‘⸮’?”

And I’ve answered it by “Because I can (use /s just as well)”.

no you answered it with because i can.

the inference would have only been “use /s as well” if the questions focus was on that but the focus of the question was on the use of “⸮”.

Yup you are slow. Just a pointless repeat but here it goes: