Black Frog Logistics - Low-sec and null-sec jump freighter service

I have used this service for a few null deliveries and even a custom job.

They are fantastic. Extremely fast and professional.


My entire business model is made possible by the quality of service and the excellent shipping rates provided by Black Frog.

Wow. I used Black Frog for the first time today, hauling a huge amount of stuff (780,000 m3) from losec to Jita. They accepted the contracts within a few minutes, and delivered the goods within a couple of hours.

I am deeply impressed.

The only thing that would be nice is some sort of delivery notification, instead of things just quietly appearing in my item hangar. But that is a really minor nice-to-have.

i have 24k m3 cargo (75m price) but low sec to high sec (1 jump) . your trip calculator calculate 200m rewards. is it true_?

Yes, and it is obviously not worth it for you to use Black Frog to move something with that small of value. We’re more for moving valuable assets (billions of isk worth) safely. We do fly 10b isk ships after all. :slight_smile:

Black Frog finished my Courier Contract from Low Sec to High in no time at all!
Thanks Black Frog and also specially thanks to the Carrierpilot (cy…) and the people, who helped him! Great job, well done!
It’s really fantastic, that such a great service exists!

do you guys go from hisec to null sec
or from null to high
and what if its only worth 100 m

We do go between hisec and null (both ways). NPC stations and certain player owned structures. If its only 100m worth of stuff its not worth the cost to ship unless you need it for pvp or something and can’t get it any other way.

I have an outstanding contract to Black Frog Logistics from Podion (NPC Station) to an approved player station. I am not trying to rush the job, but the contract has not been accepted. Wanted to know if I messed something up with the contract. Please advise :slight_smile:

Its good and will get done. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your business.

All I can say is great service, have used them a lot over past days and found them quick and just get the job done. Will be using again in coming weeks to move some assets about.
Well worth the Isk to use this service

many Thanks Again :sunglasses:

Quick and reliable. Thanks guys.

Thanks to Black Frog Logistics!

Quick! Easy! Efficient!
I will definitely recommend you.


Damn!!! You are good. I set up a contract less than 12 hours ago and my item is already delivered.
Excellent service!!!

Fantastic service!
After coming back to the game after 4 years, I have a bunch of secure asset cans that I can’t get to with my freighter. First 4 I opened after shuttling in, and they were delivered to my station of choice within 24 hours.

I will for sure use you again to move the rest of them once I get to them and open em up!

Thank you

Excellent service all around. Will use again in the future.

Put up my contract, went to bed, woke up and the contract had been delivered. Great service.

Sinister Element ty for your prompt service between you and Miss Jet with the time you guys took to handle my contracts I will be singing Black Frog praises and recommending your services to all whole hardheartedly keep up the outstanding work

I used this service a couple of years ago from high to low sec and they are amazing. Glad to see they are still going and would likely use their services in the future if needed.