Black Frog Logistics - Low-sec and null-sec jump freighter service

I’d like to use there service. But there calculator says no start or finish point when I copy and paste

Great service. Efficient and ‘low drag’. Will definitely be using these guys again and recommending them to others.


Black Frog was way better than I expected, I’ve played this game for around eight years and not once have I used Black Frog or Red Frog.

I just used one last night to evacuate assets from an old home so I didn’t have to worry about it, and the turnaround time was 11 hours and far cheaper than I had anticipated.

Keep up the good work guys, you did me a big favor, thank you!

Is there a discord I could join or that I could speak to you through

Please tell me you are transporting Titan

Is it possible to create rush contract to lowsec from jita? Like i can do it using red frog

No, Black Frog does not offer rush contracts. Due to the imponderabilia of lowsec and nullsec travel, it would endanger your cargo as well as our ships to rush something when we are not convinced its safe.
That said, we always strive for speedy delivery times and we have a many motivated pilots eager to haul, so the contract queue is short most of the time.

You guys are the best.
I’v used Red Frog a lot of times but first time using Black Frog and Im impressed.

Super fast delivery

ANNOUNCEMENT – New Contract Price Reduction!!!

Last year during the Triglavian Invasions and after cyno changes enacted by CCP we were forced to raise our prices to stay profitable. I am happy to announce that as of now we have cut our prices to much more affordable levels based on the current market conditions.

Check out our new reduced pricing for your favorite routes using our Trip Calculator


I wanted to see if you can get my ships out a system,
I just joined back after years and they are stuck in a null-sec area,

I tried to use the contract calculator,
BUT it says the area my ships is blacklisted

Ichoriya is where they are

Great service! … consignment received within 12 hours. Thanks! :frog:

I used the service for the first time and the contract was completed in a few hours.

Excellent service. Will definitely be using again in the future.

Awesome service. After returning to EVE, I got relocated all my stuff (more than 2 freighters) from null to hs with these guys just in one day!

These guys ROCK two null sec contracts done within 4 hours each. There are cheaper JF services but you get what you pay for. (Waiting for 3-4 days for the contract to be fulfilled.

Just came back from a 3 year Hiatus, Been using Frog services for nearly 10+ years. Thank you guys for the service, as always, you’re all amazing!

Came back to game after 10 year hiatus. Had a bunch of assets in NPC Venal. Turns out what before was a simple carrier jump from Hakonnen was now out of easy carrier jump range, and billions in assets were now stranded.

Black Frog charged a lot, but also provided an invaluable service that I will advertise and recommend. If it weren’t for you guys I would probably quit the game because of the absurd level of effort to free my assets that I would have to endure otherwise.

Thank you!

i love black frog always get a great service, just wondering though i recently had a item go missing after the contract was apparently delivered if this a known issue or did someone figure out a bug that they can steal stuff and still complete the delivery? because im missing 10/20 procurer bpo

That should not be possible. You have to break the package to remove something from it which makes it impossible to complete the contract. If anything is missing it’s a bug.

setting up a contract, how do I know the amount to pay for the transport?

Coming back after a 6 year “break.” Need to get my stuff moved and I have a thought, I wonder if RF is still around, 1 google search later. Here we are, awesome that ya’ll are still around!