Red Frog Freight - High sec freight service

Sent you in-game links to the failed contracts. Will take a look at pricing on your rush service, see if it’s cheaper than PushX’s.

I do appreciate your taking the time to look into this.

Great services!

I placed 12 contracts and they’d been delivered within 26 hours.

Created a contract!

Created a contract!

Absolutely awesome service. Used 3 times and it was fast and reliable

Used these peeps for years now with different toons ALWAYS great and fast service can rely on them no doubt.

1st time using your service, might use it more to save a lot of time :slight_smile:

:alien:1st time using your service, hope I use it more to save a lot of time in the future:sunglasses:

Ty Red Frog!

Excellent, fast service!

thanks !

Fantastic service Thanks

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Awesome service. My first contract was a rush job and had it delivered to it’s location in under 2 hours. Will be using again in the future.

Swamped with over 400 orders still met their obligation. Great service

Faster than Fed-Ex and UPS. Goods delivered un-smashed.

Hi folks,
We’ve just put new pricing live - if you’re one of our beloved frequent flyers who’s memorised our prices, please check the trip calculator for the new rewards.
Thanks for flying Red Frog!

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I would like to engage your services to move my ships.

Can you help.?

Yep, as long as you can get them into a courier contract and the worth is less then 1.5b per contract we can definitely help you.

I made a contract to RFF. just wanted to make sure I did everything right. TIA

Hi there. Our automatic tools check all contracts assigned to us, and if there are any issues a manager rejects the contract and gets in touch with an explanation - so as long as no-one gets in touch everything is fine :slight_smile:

Used RF service first time, did not disappoint. Will be using again!