Red Frog Freight - High sec freight service

Great service! I use them to get fuel to all my HS structures, always done in a timely manner.

Amazing service, if you select their Rush option and u prize ur contract accordingly, they move it in record speeds!!! I definately recommend them as i moved quite a substancial amount of assets fairly quickly(under 1 hour) by “rushing” the contract.

Just to warn you guys that the link to the trip calculator isn’t working

I’m using RFF for quite a long time, from 2017 if I recall correctly. I was totally satisfied with their services; so I continued to use them but never made a single post as a “thank you”.

I’m not the guy who spam “ty” and “yw” if I dont feel that you deserve it, on top of that; they offering a service for a price and they were paid for that.

Today I made a contract; in real hurry. After a couple of hours I received a message informing me that I made a TERRIBLE MISTAKE!


I entered the collateral amount as reward and reward as Collateral.

Are these guys real?

They could accepted it and I couldn’t do anything about it… BUT NO they messaged me to inform me that I made a mistake and they canceled my contract in order to protect me.

ARE THESE GUYS FREAKING REAL? (caps for emphasis; not shouting)

My best regards,


Wonderful service. Completed the contracts extremely quick!

thanks for the rushed contract. will use again

Best hauling service ever. Highly recommended

Really good service. Highly recommend this one.

Just used RF again, best couriers in Eve by a mile. Their low sec sister corp Black Frog are just as good.

Just order my first time. now i dont need to make the move my self

Thanks for the haul, perfect, timely, will use from here on out.

Thanks for the last time.

Now i need you again :smile:

red frog services is great keeps me out of HS when in WD times

thank you for all your work

We’re happy to be of service! Thank you for choosing RFF!

Used the other services aswell (black frog and even gold frog) back when i was in null. Now in high sec, Still same service, same great deliveryspeeds. Keep on rocking ! Good job guys!


I am just over three years old. I used to waste my time hauling stuff all over New Eden. I even lost almost a billion isk moving stuff in a poorly tanked T1 industrial. Then I found Red Frog! They have saved me so much time and isk! I can just put in a contract, and continue to conduct my favorite activities in NE, while their trusted pilots move my belongings. I have never suffered loss as a result of using them!

I even used Black Frog for a while back when I lived out in Nullsec. Just as reliable, just as safe, and just as friendly!

I HIGHLY recommend Red Frog!! ribbit! :slight_smile:

Thank you again for wonderful service. Saved me days of doing it myself.

Going to start calling you guys The Flash Frogs! Super delivery every time! Trinity Trade Group would be lost without your service to move our freight to market. o7

Another fast delivery thanks Frogs o7