What is a good delivery service corpation

would like to know how much they cost and how good there track record is

Hi, I had and continue to ship my goods via RED Frog Freight.

Made a short video of the process and how easy it is to ship items around New Eden Highsec.

If you like just fastward past my ship spinning as I was getting my OBS youtube login to upload for your thread.

Feedback about this live delivery.
Very quick service concidering the patch day and how busy Highsec was.
Thank you.

Red Frog is fine. Though I’m partial to Push Industries.

One is good for low value freighter loads of stuff and the other is good for exceptionally high value items.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Red Frog or Push, I just take which one has the smaller Q, Atho I find Push to be faster 8/10 times

the red frog never failed me
i recommend
i even used the super expensive black frog one day to have a base in null sec

that said there is years i don’t use it because i haul my own stuff

Pushx industries is my go to. Prices range on what and where you are moving stuff.

Might I suggest WiNGSPAN Delivery Services? All agents are required
to train Customer Service V and our prices beat competitors across all of New Eden!

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