Finding a corp to transport my stuff

hi i cant remember what corps transport stuff for ppl

Red Frog, PushX or Haulers Channel for freelance Haulers.

Contact Goonswarm Federation ingame, they might help you. They won’t be cheap, but they really know what they’re doing.

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How much value are we talking about here? The Dirtbag Space Warriors Coming for yor Loots logistics divsion sometimes handles high value cargoes.

Our prices are usually about 10% less than Goonswarm Federation, and our customer service is unbeatable!

If you are looking for transport from say market to a production site type of regular transport then Red Frog, PushX and the Haulers channel is the place to go. But if you have something specific such as moving stuff out of low sec after asset safety then I have some experience in doing that, but it will not be a normal courier contract deal with collateral and stuff. Contact me in game.

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