[SERVICE] FW Production and Hauling

Tired of Wardecs keeping you out of trade hubs?
Are your corp logistics becoming too much of a hassle?
Do you need supplies moved but don’t want to pay big alliance prices?

Let Captain Jack handle all of your outsourcing needs so you can concentrate on winning the war!

I am a small-scale production specialist with hauling and manufacturing specialties. Corps with 50 active members or less is where my niche lies.

Unlike the big guys churning out massive amounts of specific items, I am able to move production sites, change manufacturing lines at a moment’s notice, and customize a plan to fit you amd your corp needs.

Staying in an NPC corp allows me the flexibility to avoid station campers and traverse the battlefield with relative ease. My associates can farm LP to get you the coveted faction ships at affordable prices.

My services include:

Creating contract markets in hotly contested zones for quick reshipping

Providing bulk sale and hauling for corp funded SRP

Market seeding

Large and small hauling orders within FW space

Hauling orders to and from trade hubs

And much more!

In order to effectively dedicate my time and resources to the client I only accept a limited number of agreemnts at one time, but my docket is clear so contact me now!

Message in game or join channel Captain Jack’s Mess Hall for a consultation and customized order to fit your needs and budget.

Corp active membership 50 pilots or less
T1 and faction frigates only - however, T1 and T2 modules can be provided
T2 frigates and destroyer class ships and up provided on a case by case basis
Minmatar and Gallente militias only - client opsec and privacy is my top priority
My API keys can be provided upon request to prove my integrity


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