Concept question - Blockade Running

Would exploration corps find it useful to have a low volume courier service through low sec? If they are a ways away from whatever market hub, they could just create a contract and have it hauled?

I’m trying to find a niche for my blockade runner…

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Are you looking to work for pay, start a business, or are you looking to be of use to a particular group of friends?

I find that it’s easier to tackle questions like this from the standpoint of what motivates you, and what you’re trying to attain by doing a thing. Lowsec hauling would probably be of interest to any group who lives in or has assets in lowsec, but we have courier services like PushX and Redfrog (and the other multicolored frog brothers) to safely handle most of our freighting needs.

If you want to freight goods for pay in a professional setting, I’d look into joining an established and reputable courier service’s delivery force.

Explorers have to run around all over the place to get to their sites, and would probably just carry their loot with them the entire way. They might have use for the courier if they base out of lowsec, but anyone who bases out of lowsec would probably have use for that courier service. I’m no expert explorer, though, so maybe my instincts are wrong.

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An idea for you could be to start an ammunition delivery service ( No not like Wingspan ) xD. Your Blockade Runner is good for plenty of ammunition and a cloak and the need for a delivery out in Deep Null or within a wormhole system could be a hole in the market you could fill. Just an idea, but you could eventually expand on that in to other types of deliveries.

Think about it, lone farmer in a wormhole system that doesn’t want to leave because it is a quite system at that time, and hes running out of Missiles in his perfect Missile Bonused Blackhole… along comes Cargo Virpio Ammunitions Dealer and drops cargo in a deep safe. Happy days

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Yeah, for pay. Red frog doesn’t run blockade runners and PushX is closed for recruiting.

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explo loot has small volume for high value. No need for a blockade runner to haul it

No worries about gate campers for those without the covert ops cloak 2?

personnally i use a travel ceptor to haul the loot
Just beware of smartbombing battleships, using dscan, bookmarks, etc

Join haulers channel in game. Lowsec BR contracts do exist, just not as common as highsec, or JF contracts.

The niche you’re looking for is FW people. Exchanging LP for rewards often requires modules or whatever, so they’ll need them hauled to their station, and then the rewards hauled out. You might be able to make some regular clients this way, it never hurts to convo a contract issuer and let them know what services you provide.

On top of this you can make a little extra isk stocking lowsec hubs on your own. Think drones, ammo, nanite paste, any high demand consumables. Also look into stocking clone tags in DED stations. There’s a little profit to be made here to compliment your hauling. Hope this helps


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