Returning and kinda lost


as the title says I am thinking about returning to Eve online. haven’t played sense 2019. logging in i see that most of my stuff is still deep into 0.0 space and like 70+ jumps away from me. i don’t think the corp I was with is even around/active anymore.

Is there anyway I can get my stuff or do I have to risk a run into the area and hope I can get back out with it?

Thanks for any advice

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There’s a lot of variables. But the short answer is yes. There are ways to get your stuff.

I am assuming no easy way though right? like I would have to either contract someone to pick it up or do a risky run? I was hoping there was like a " move assests" option if you weren’t a part of a corp anymore.

Asset safety can move your items to a lowsec nearby. Those systems are generally camped but you would still be better off.

A good start would be taking a read through Returning to EVE Online


In addition to asset safety (already mentioned) there are player run hauling services that operate in sov nullsec. You can create hauling contracts with them to move your stuff for you (usual disclaimers about trustworthiness and collateral apply).

Let me be the first to say welcome back.

Sell some of the most interesting stuff to me :reversecongaparrot:, asset safety it or use push-x.

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