Problem after coming back after two years

Hello, decided to come back to EVE after a break since 2016. I was a member of Circle of Two, but as many of you should know, this alliance is now effectively defunct. I am stuck in a nullsec system previously owned by CO2 with 500m isk worth or so of property, is there any chance I would be able to safely move these items out of this hanger into highsec? Or is my property effectively gone? The 68FT-6 system now belongs to the Brave Collective. Thanks!

I believe you can file a support ticket and get at least something out.

Otherwise firesale the stuff to someone in Brave I guess. Better than nothing.

My understanding is that a support ticket won’t help since this is all within the legal game mechanics. These are the options I can think of,

  1. Fire sale (as mentioned above)
  2. Asset safety might help you here, but I’m not sure of the mechanics
  3. Apply to join Brave, if you get in, you can access your stuff.

You could before

See here

Apply to join ANY legacy corp and you will get your stuff. Just not sure you will want to quit that corp after you get your 500milions. Legacy now has pretty much all CO2 could offer you 2 years ago.

Not sure why no one has mentioned this yet.

Asset safety your items. They will be moved in to lowsec where you, blackfrog logistics and anyone can be able to access It to move it out.

All structures in nullsec are now citadels, and all can be cleared to lowsec using asset safety.

It was mentioned, as a matter of fact.

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