So I've come back after 5 years, and all my stuff is stuck in Null, Womp Womp

Dear Diary,

I was in one of the Pandemic Horde corps, had all my stuff in their 7RM-N0 BLINDSTAR base.
I’ve logged on for the first time since 2017 (or maybe 2016, can’t even remember).
Well, I’m not in that corp anymore, that’s fair. Maybe got pruned for inactivity, maybe it disbanded. Don’t know, don’t care, it’s irrelevant.

What is relevant that my stuff is (if to believe my Personal Assets) still on the BLINDSTAR.
What is a poor exile meant to do? Well, get ganked trying to enter Null, to no one’s surprise, my own included. I did expect as much but tried my luck anyway, so I’m not here to cry about that, don’t worry.

I don’t even care about getting the stuff OUT of Null, I just want to offload it and get the ISK. But I seriously can’t remember how I can do that. I can’t remember how to properly play the game.


Contact the diplomat of the corp that own the station. You could sell your stuff at a discount to them.

Contact a hauler service that has access to that station and get your stuff moved.

Wreck the station and get your stuff back through asset safety.

So many flavours… pick yours.

You could also reapply but most probably they had good reason to kick/blacklist you. So be careful and negotiate with skill.

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Thanks, I didn’t think about contacting the current holder corp itself, I’ll try that.

As for contacting haulers, that’s kind of the problem. I don’t know anyone, and I can’t remember how to request a hauling contract with someone who can. Again, literally forgot how to play the game.

BTW, it’s not the same corp as I was in years ago, I don’t think Pandemic Horde even controls the area anymore. I imagine they either pruned inactives or disbanded.

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it’s called Asset Safety, and it’s your friend.

open asset window, right click the folder (not contents) of 7RM-N0 BLINDSTAR and choose the option for asset safety (i forget the exact wording)

your stuff will appear 20 days later in a low sec (iirc) npc station not of your choice…it’ll be the one system closest in Light Years to that base.

if i did my dotlan math right that station should be:

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