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Hi guys. So i’m an old eve player.
I would like to return to the game after 2 years inactivity, but currently unable to do so, since my char is logged of in a deathstar in a Nyx and my alt is in a rorqual at a player owned station.

Problem is due to inactivity im kicked out of the corp/alliance.

Is there any way to save them from getting blown up?

non-toxic answers would be appreciated

The Nyx would be an issue and you would have to setup a in-game way to get it safe. I would get your third character to the location of the deathstar to see what is there. Do you have access to another account, because you will need to cyno it out and the cyno rules have changed in terms of what ships can do Cyno’s. Let me know if you need more advice but the first port of call has to be finding out what is currently at the last position of the Nyx.

The Rorqual has two possibilities, the structure still exists in which case it is there and no issue in the sense that until you undock it is safe. The other possibility is that the Rorqual is in asset safety sitting in a lowsec system due to the structure being removed or taken down. You could also asset safety it yourself if you so wish, but at 15% of its value and you will be dumped in a rather nasty lowsec system.

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If you don’t know how to handle this situation you probably shouldn’t return to the game at all.

the last line was for you sugar

EVE is about player interaction so contact the owners, have a chat and try to work something out. If not then try to firesale the stuff and take the loss. It’s not like you NEED that stuff to continue playing the game.


check that out. ignore these trolls. they’ve played the game 8 months and think they know stuff. took CCP a few hours but they simply moved my super to a safe location to log on.

it says they won’t move your ship. they will, just tell them you aren’t going to resub. all they care about is the almighty dollar.

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