Moving Home Base - Help

I’ve been playing for almost two months now, give or take, am coming up on 5 million skillpoints and have purchased Omega. I’ve also finished the tutorial and career agents and am just about finished with the AIR program achievements/rewards, so I’ve tried a little bit of everything. With that said, there is still a lot I don’t know and I have a couple of questions.

I started as Minmatar and have basically been living out of Hek, but am ready to get out of there. I joined the Guristas and therefore won’t be using the Jita market either. So, my main question is: is The Fulcrum a good home base? The aesthetic is amazing, the industry capabilities seem very good (at least for an NPC station?), I can put a JC there. And if I’m moving there, since I am in a pirate faction I most likely won’t be attacked by other players when I’m hauling stuff? Or will everyone still try to kill me?

As someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in null-sec or low-sec, are things like mining and PI viable around The Fulcrum as well? I’m interested in continuing these things as well and not only doing FW.

Thanks for the help. o7

I don’t know of anyone who lives there but it sounds fun! I would expect players to try and kill you. Not sure if pushx or black frog service zarzakh, but if so they can haul your ships and fits in

For Angels it’s been a controversial home base. Many like it, many don’t. My impression is that prices are high and availability fluctuates. I don’t live there so take it with a grain of salt. The Fulcrum has bubbles and no way to counterplay them (dscan, bookmarks) so you’ll have to be OK with that environment as „home“.

You’ll likely be very active in the insurgency zones in lowsec, so if you live in the Fulcrum you can shipcaster there but then will have to travel to Alsa to get back home. From my understanding it is sometimes gatecamped in low sec due to being a pipe system. Turnur in Angels has no such problem so I can’t speak to Guristas that well.

If you decide to stay in lowsec by the insurgencies you may wind up a nomad, having multiple homes or temporary residences. This is kinda how some Angels are playing.

Finally, timeless advice still applies: find a good Guristas affiliated corp. The extra numbers, advice, free intel, and communication / education will be immensely helpful and can help mitigate — but not remove — all the above risks.

This is true in all areas of space. Even high sec.

IMO the main point of Zarzakh is to act as an easy way to get to a pirate insurgency. The industry bonuses for everything other than Guristas/Angels subcaps are significantly worse than a rigged structure. Mining and PI will also be of questionable value and just generally worse than sov null. It’s probably a decent place to live out if you intend on participating in pirate FW but for anything else I would just join a nullbloc.

Good for you. Not many new players willing to join pirate factions and become enemies with pretty much all of hisec.

It has its ups and downs. But its gonna be a difficult place to call home. Especially for a new player.

-Looks cool.
-Can teleport you to the front lines rather easily.
-bragging rights of telling people you live in a place called fulcrum.

-Everyone can and probably will shoot you on sight when given the chance. Thats a pirate for ya.
-Market isnt as stable as empire space. Be prepared to pay higher prices for mundane things, or being unable to find things.
-Getting back to it after each incursion is probably gonna be time-consuming and a headache.

I wouldnt recommend it, especially if youre a new player. You just dont have the funds to keep dying and attempting to return back into fulcrum where all your stuff is.

But to each their own. If you want to try it, good luck.

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