Questions for taking next step[s out of "school"

Hi, I completed the career advisors tasks,. Spent more time ratting and liking it, even having to warp out and back in after shield came back. I like finding ship parts I didnt know existed. I do some mining for some cash and to build from blueprints, also TRIED to do exploring but all cosmic anomalies are taken and system only have 1. I’m still based at Ebod which is where the school was and is 1.0 sec. All the anomalies are training or already taken all the time.

SO… i think my next step is to find a new home. Somewhere in high sec but near lower sec where i can find better ore and maybe get something from exploration (zero success finding anything so far).


  1. is finding a good “base system” what people do?

  2. to get to a new base do i have to really fly each ship filled with my stuff then go back in a capsule for the next one?

  3. in lowish (0.4) sec space or near, am i more likely to find buyers for the stuff i’ve found from canning wrecks? (like broken triggers etc)

  4. should I keep that stuff or sell? some people in-game have said both.

  5. I’ve heard I need it for rigs someday, but how many? Every time I go out ratting i get several fried boards.

  6. There are the 4 major factions in this game plus pirates. The OTHER factions found on the map like DARK SIDE or THUKKER TRIBE (they are near Minmatar space) are those player created groups in space that they conquered at some time?

Kind of, it really depends on what you’re looking to get out of things.
For example, many corporations and alliances will have a home “staging” system that they operate out of. Some solo pilots will simply live in Jita because that’s where the biggest market is.

There are some public courier services that will haul your goods for you. Keep in mind that you’re paying for the the convenience of having someone else do the shipping. So it may end up getting very expensive very quickly.

Not really. You’re more likely to find people offering vastly lower prices in hopes that they take advantage of your laziness or desperation to sell your goods. It’s too easy and convenient to just ship them to Jita and get a more fair market value price.

If you’re gonna use it, keep it.
If you’re not, then sell it.

You can look up the input requirement on the rig blueprints to see how much of which you need in order to build them. For example:
In order to make 1 Medium CDFE rig, you’ll need 22x Tripped Power and 22x Burned Logic Circuits, as well as 9x War Consoles.

Look up the blueprints for the rigs you want and see how much of which Salvage input material you need.

Thukker Tribe are an NPC faction. You can tell if you hit “Show Info” on them and they show up as a “Faction”.

I have no idea who “Dark Side” are, but I’m guessing due to the edgy name, that they are a player made corporation.

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Thanks for the answers.

A couple more:

I see about the blue prints and how a lot of items would be needed. At what point should I start looking into rigs? immediately or do I need experience?

So do corporations usually (or always?) have their own space?

If I joining a corp (which i will do at some point) would I be expected to “live” in their station?

Do corps have a specialty that members would be expected to follow such as being pirates or being miners?

Whenever you want, really. If you’re planning on using them to build rigs for personal use or whether you’re trying to build them to sell on the market is really up to you.

it kinda depends.
The vast majority of “corporations” are just located around highsec, using either their own or freeported structures and NPC stations. The only time you can “own” space is in Player Nullsec. But you can still lay claim to areas in Low/ NPC null by just having a large and consistent presence in the area.

Depends on the corp. You’d have to ask them for specifics on that.

Almost all of the corporations that are worth their salt will ask you to be competent enough to take care of yourself. This means being able to PvP (in the form that is expected, whether solo, small gang, fleet, etc.) when necessary, and being able to develop your own skills at being self sufficient (knowing how to make the amount of ISK that you need for your level of comfortable play).

There are certain corporations that will proclaim that they only do mining or they only do PvP, so specific requirements will be up to the corp’s own goals.

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Scoots covered most, just a few pointers. Choosing a home system really depends on what you are doing. For eg if you are an ice miner then pretty much you want to be based in an ice system or one that is close to several ice systems. Reprocessing and hauling are factors. Similarly if you are an ore miner you want to be central to several good mining spots.

If your thing is PvE missions then u’ll want to be in an area with good mission hubs. For exploration move away from the starter systems, be closer to low or null or just use wormholes to get to null systems.

If you are just selling ore/minerals/salvage you will want to be relatively near a hub or decide on a Jita run for mostly best prices. If you are building with minerals/salvage then getting your product to market is a factor as is finding a factory in a system with a reasonable System Cost Index.

As for moving your ships, you can either fly them, repackage (losing any rigs) and haul them yourself, repackage and create a haul contract or don’t repackage and create a haul contract. But as Scoots says this can be very expensive. You might decide it’s easier to sell everything and just use one ship to travel then buy what you need when you get there.

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Thanks again.

If I create a haul contract (will figure out how later), is there a possibility the person could just steal all my stuff?

UniWiki should be your first resource for any Eve question :slight_smile:

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first thing: joining a corp is the best thing to do. You will get friends, advices, goals, fits, etc

if you already like some activities in eve, you can try to find a corp focusedon this activity (industry, explo, living in wh, polyvalent, hi sec, null sec etc)

i would suggest, if you don’t know yet really what you want, to join a newbie friendly corp like eve-uni which will be a first home, a first step, until you have gained more nowledge about the game.

Remember, the game won’t tell you what you should do. No real “epic quest” here. Like in the real word: find your place. You can live several lifes: you can be a pirat for some time, then become an industrialist or a trader, then join a wormhole corp etc

Don’t hesitate to dive into the game and to do mistakes

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In nullsec (0.0 security space) organizations claim/seize/otherwise acquire space and establish sovereignty (sov) over it by somewhat more formal and complex means. In lowsec (low security space) space cannot formally be held, but organizations claim areas as their “turf” and as in nullsec, if they defend it then it is theirs. In hisec (high security space) the four empires, glorious Amarr, honorable Caldari, gallente, and (*spit) minmatar degenerates own all the space.

Yes, of course…usually…there are exceptions.

Yes…but many corps do many things. You can certainly be a specialist in one area for a corp (especially a larger one)


Not necessarily - I temporarily set my ‘Home’ to the station I’m taking my ships from (if it’s not already set to there), fly each ship to the new station, and then ‘Self-destruct’ (either via a Clone Bay at the destination station, or by undocking and Self-destructing in space) back to the original system - saves the time and danger of flying back. Once I’ve moved everything I change my ‘Home’ to the new station. N.B. Don’t do this in a clone with Implants as you’ll lose them the first time you self-destruct.

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