**#Wormholes ! Do we still like living in wormholes ?**

Hi there pilots, title really says it all, opinions, suggestions, stories , links, anything related wormholes.
I’m sure we will get few trolls too, just please be cautious :sunglasses:, so go ahead and shoot what’s on your mind, we all interested. o7

Who’s “we”? You’re not a Dev.

I moved this thread to a more appropriate location. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know how to respond to this without being highly sarcastic.

The people currently living in wormholes like living there. The people not living in wormholes do not.


I miss capitals. Since the pve change the usage of capitals has gone down quite a lot. As has the content generated by tackling them in a pve site… .
I do not miss pos though.


I LOVE living in wormholes!

I would love to see a bit of attention given to wormhole dwellers. Not too much, but a few QOL changes would be nice.



still loving it, but hating Citas not running out of Fuel. There are Astrahus everywhere, while the Corp ist inactive for a long time. I would like to see a change, that every Citadell has a Fuelhangar for it’s defense whre you can store Fuel for about 3 month. When it’s empty there should be only the final Reinforcementtimer.


Not really, it’s the same old tired gamplay… maybe even a little worse after citadels got released, but I can’t be bothered moving my stuff out and finding a good null sec group. :expressionless:

pick one.


No need for fuel, it only need to be easier seen that it has not been used for a while.
Then we can crack it open and get the loot!

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After some HS Mining, I´ve started living in WH Space and am still happy with it.

  • No Politics, no wardecs, no big dramas
  • decent low Scale PVP and no big fleet blobs, F1 droning and TIDI
  • the “thrill” not to know if you are alone or being watched
  • you always need to be on guard, no room for lazybones and afking
  • There´s a unwritten code of conduct under most WH Dwellers, kill everyone - always, be nice and gf in local, after killing, probably help each other and have a good talk if the brawl was nice. This happens so often and some good standings and friendships where formed based on this behavior.
  • you can get friggin rich there if you know what you are doing.
  • Content is fresh almost every day due to Wormhole mechanics and the all-time changing neighborhood

When you survive in WH Space, you can survive everywhere else I guess.


Well we successfully take down Astrahus citadels, all it takes a bit of time.

Very true, if you know what you are doing LOL

Thanx :slight_smile:

I loved it while it was new and unexplored and constantly changing forces diving in and out…there even used to be a time when they were released that Jtags weren’t a thing, the name of all systems was U N K N O W N. Over the years powerblocs have moved in, set up chains of “alt farming” systems where if you attack you get the hammer of Thor brought down on you…systems are tagged with Jtags, all system info is on multiple databases, wh space has been mapped and tamed. It just doesn’t seem as fun to me that way anymore. The only thing it has going for it over null is lack of gates in static spots in the system and no local…and even the delayed local will eventually make it to null and at that point wh space just wouldn’t even be close to worth it for me. I miss the days of unknown, never knowing who you would come across or what. Every system has become a farm it’s boring.


Wormhole space is still fun!

I’ve been playing wormholes for many years now, and things have changed quite a bit. The things that made wormhole space fun to start with are still there: no local giving away your presence, the need for teamwork for success making for great social gaming, smaller entities and no cap blobs, good chances to make ISK and fly some really exciting doctrines in small gang PvP. Plenty more thing I could mention here…

What has changed wormhole space most are:

Citadels - Way better to live in than POSes. They keep your stuff safe from thieves. Even with the 2 day timers, citadels are now annoying/impractical to attack in w-space if ‘unsociable timers’ are set. Most groups set them for inactive periods such as on AU TZ instead of when they are most active. This option for negative play style means a huge loss of potential content. A great shame… CCP got this one wrong imho.

C4 Dual Statics and Frig Holes - Both of these changes have enhanced connectivity and Frig holes produce plenty of nice fights with great small doctrines

C5/C6 Escalation Overhaul - This is the very worst change we’ve seen. I have no idea what CCP were thinking to achieve with this. In a nut shell, we no longer see many caps ratting at all. Instead the big groups have lots of systems, each with an Astra which kills the boss Sleeper that spawns from sites and eventually warps to a planet where the citadel is anchored. The sites are worth less and there is very little risk involved with this method. We have seen a huge loss of content from this and hundreds of barren farming systems where nonone lives and people do not dare to take the systems. CCP are aware of this and agree Astra farming is undesirable. Noobman (CSM) has spoken to CCP but they have no plans to fix it. This is a real problem.

Play Style /Doctrines - In the old days it was mostly brawling T3s and logi/ewar. We now see a much wider range of doctrines, and groups commonly venture in k-space for PvP as well. This is a huge improvement, and has made wormhole PvP ‘fresh’ again. We’re definitely in a ‘new age’ of very diverse wormhole PVP!

I think wormhole space only suits a certain type of player, as has always been the case. Those players who log on like sheep and need to be spoon fed every bit of content don’t do well out here. The self-starters, with tenacity who get out there and make things happen have all the fun! You get out what you put in.


Do you have to be a DEV to ask such question ? (open your mind) :slight_smile:

We all love unexplored areas id say, its more exciting that way, but after a while I tend to find new ways to play in the same wh space, its all about changes that eve brings to us and we have to adapt to it, but yeah its not the same anymore :slight_smile:

I haven’t really got into wormholes, but as an alpha, it is literally a money cow for me to milk. Scan down a hole in highsec, find gas sites that most highsec dudes are too lazy to mine, and earn more than mining plagioclase for an hour (still like mining tho).

Went into lowsec, found the WHs there full of exploration sites too, 1 hour later I have 50+mil worth of loot and gas. Saw all the sleeper anomalies and this is what I’ve been thinking ever since:

Cross-training? Give me a Drake.

The farming never gets boring, can’t wait to live in a WH when I get the resources.

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Well if someone lives in wormholes obviously they like it. It is still a good place for small corporations who do not like SOV or Low sec mechanics. And as mentioned above day triping is quite a thing for new bros.

It is obvious that WHs have their share of problems but so does any part of EvE space.