Wormhole living questions

So after nearly dying of boredom 3,456,789,345 times due to highsec PvE, I decided to find a new (and larger) source of isk.

Wormhole sites seem really lucrative with massive amounts of isk/hour and I can run them solo and with nobody around, unlike something like incursions.

Now the problem becomes actually living in there. With POSes being removed soon a citadel is the only option.

How viable would it be to live solo in a C4 or C5 hole? I know I can collapse the statics and keep them from respawning for some time to keep people out while ratting, but my concern is having the citadel attacked while I’m either offline or not present in the hole.

Also, how many combat sites spawn in C4/C5 holes and how often do they respawn? Is it something that can be grinded for several hours a day or only a few sites a day?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Your typical solo day in WH:
About an hour to scan all 10 signatures and your nearest WH connections. Less if you are doing this every day.
Another hour to roll all dangerous K162.
Now a hour for farming (your very goal to be there, isn’t it?)
At the end of the hour you are getting killed by a team of stealth ships, much cheapier, than yours, cause you are solo and sleepers keep draining your capacitor empty even with all batteries you have there.

Solo living in a wormhole is ill-advised.

  1. If you’re podded in a wormhole, you won’t respawn in J-space (unless your medical clone is in Thera). Basically, you die, you got no way to get back home.

  2. You’ll be spending either a bunch of time scouting every wormhole chain by yourself for hostiles or you’ll be taking a big risk by skipping that step and flying blind into a site.

  3. The amount of firepower needed to solo a C4 site is guaranteed to bring the attention of any neighbors you have that day and it will be of the viking type.

  4. C4s and C5s are a logistic nightmare. They almost never have direct connections to hisec, and if someone spots your cargo ship leaving your wormhole to hisec, there’s a good chance they’ll be setting up scouts and an ambush when you try to get home.

For the neutral stuff:

A. Combat sites do respawn in WHs but not at a high rate unless it’s a shattered system (where you can’t place any POS/Citadels.) That being said, you’d be looking at maybe half a dozen sites a day or fewer in your own wormhole. Now if you got a C4/C5 static, that could be rolled over and over until you find an empty system with lots of combat sites available.

B. The notion of rolling WHs to ‘lock down’ a system’s a misconception. Once a wormhole appears in a system, it will show up at its destination system regardless of whether anyone scanned it down or warped to it. I.E. if a static wormhole in example system J10000 is rolled, the new static wormhole (that connects to J10003) is scannable from the K162 system.

You really need a good solid crew to make living in C4s or C5s viable. As a solo player, the safer road is the lower-end wormholes with a C4 or C5 static. Safer still? Joining a wormhole corp or forming your own with your mates.

You certainly could set yourself up solo in a C4 or C5, although with no experience at all this could end up being a major disaster. My advice would be to join a group (like ours) who welcome in new players and help them get up to speed. We are PvPers, so you’d have to enjoy that side of the game too, but we make plenty of ISK doing sites. Running sites in a group is also safer - more eyes and ears on wormholes, d-scan etc., and if you do get jumped there is help on hand.

The best part of wormhole life is working together as a tight team though. It’s really great socially, and you get better as a player as well as contribute to the success of your corp. Unless you’re lucky enough to have tried it, then you wont know what you’ve been missing. I’d drop those missions and get talking to a decent wormhole group!

People used to do it 2 years ago (when I won EvE) so I don’t know if they still do… many WH PvP corpies had an alt Corp just for farming C5s in Solo Dreads, some multiboxed 2 Dreads plus a Carrier. I’ve heard Escalations suck nowadays so I don’t know if that’s possible or viable anymore…
Some people soloed C4 sites in Marauders, though. Mares, Paladins, Vargurs…

I’ll be back in the next days

“…About an hour to scan all 10 signatures and your nearest WH connections…”. My god man, wtf are you scanning with?

Agree that c4-5 livin is better done in a group. Also agree that WH space in general is best done in a group. However it absolutely can be done.

Rolling your statics is easy and doesnt take hours. If you have two toons you can roll two static holes inside 20 minutes easy, going back/forth between each static. Yes this does assume you dont get ganked but if you have your ears pricked up and ‘semi-know’ what you are doing youll be fine and get the hang of it.

Once you are ‘zipped up’ yes, it is possible a k162 might open up on you as you are clearing your first site but that doesnt happen often enough to NOT use this strategy as a means of ISK making.

Other considerations worth mentioning IMO;

1.) need 2 accts to be effective in WH space solo (IMO)
2.) need scanny ships
3.) need Rollin Battleships
4.) need real PvP ships cause… youre not JUST a krab, right?
5.) youll die, dont get pissy about it youll prolly still make a profit and its way more fun than HS
6.) just join a c2/3/4 corp, youll learn more, and quicker

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You sure about this? I was under the impression it will only spawn an exit (k162) after a few hours, IF its been warped to, and instantly only if you actually jump through. If you do not engage jump to the newly scanned static, no exit (k162) will spawn anywhere.

It used to spawn an exit instantly, if you as much as trigger warp to it ( don’t have to actually warp)

It’s not really viable to live solo in a c4/5 without several alts and some WH experience. Besides all the logistics/setup you’ll run out of sites rather quickly and will average 1-2 new ones a day. Your static is where you’ll find continuing isk, but that increases the risk factor. Eventually someone will come along and siege you and you won’t be able to fight them off unless you hire mercs.

If isk accumulation is the primary goal you’d be much better off moving to NS where you can rat to your hearts content.

If you decide to try WH’s (you might like it) you should join a group to learn the ropes, or do some solo-roaming for a while, or setup in a low-class WH where your initial investment and risk of eviction is much lower.

I’d definitely advise joining a group, but you won’t regret moving to WH space.

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